hypocritical bitch *vent post*

I am being pulled in two directions right now. Absolute gut-twisting anger and complete bad-mommy depression.

Fysh and I have been struggling in the mornings, as of late he’s been brilliant after school and we have had no arguments or temper tantrums etc but in the mornings things all go to hell the moment we walk in at the school gates. He cries and says he doesn’t want to go to school, he’s even piped up that he’ll stay home alone with Joonbug (the dog). This of course means we become a frustrated mess of him crying and me becoming short tempered.

Now I struggle with my temper and frustration on a daily basis and so does Fysh, you can say that those emotions of mine never really got much of a cap on them, like a toddlers and when you put two toddlers together you know what happens. I’m the adult and as his school put it “should be the adult and the bigger person” but that isn’t always easy. Yes Fysh gets a smack when he’s naughty and I often comment “the fuck?” when he’s done something he shouldn’t but to be told I abuse my son? That I swear at him and hit him all the time < this is a through the grapevine I got from the school an hour ago.

Yeah well this had me phoning the school demanding what the actual fuck.
This morning Fysh and I were having another kak one (to top it off I’m on day two of an epic migraine) and I was getting frustrated cause he wanted the bag out the car but then started crying once in the class cause he doesn’t want the teachers and he doesn’t want his bag at school so I told him to make up his effing mind. Another parent decided to get her stupid ass involved and piped up “for gods sake don’t use that language”… yes I laughed at her, called her a fucking hypocrite and turned my back to her.

First off, if I want to swear in front of my kid you fucking let me okay? My child does not swear and he knows it’s big person words. When he’s older he can decide for himself, like smoking and drinking. Secondly, I didn’t smack him this morning we just got frustrated with each other but I sure as the stars come out at night was about this close to smacking that parent.

Under no circumstances is it EVER okay to automatically assume and judge anyone as a parent.
My kid is happy, healthy, smart (sometimes too clever for his boots), he eats well, has manners and is generally well mannered. So if I swear around him does that make me a shitty parent? Maybe, but it sure as fuck does not make me abusive. Why would he want to stay with me instead of go to school if I was huh?

Fysh and I have a complicated relationship and we do the best we can, I don’t think parenting is easy for anyone and doing it alone and not having someone to share the shit with definitely doesn’t make it any easier either.
So far I think we’re doing a pretty fucking okay job and I most definitely do not appreciate hearing things like this.

9 thoughts on “hypocritical bitch *vent post*

  1. I personally feel that parenting should not be judged and I had a proper giggle at your post not because of your frustration but because we have all been there at one point or another. Kids can make you just as ‘crazy’ as we make them. Its totally normal and the school is totally out of line by stating your abusive to your kid. There is no cut and dry to being a good parent. As long as your kid is happy at home, well fed and totally loved then honestly who gives a shit. Its about the two of you :)
    And I bet that mom who had so much to say prob locks herself in the bathroom for a corner cry because she is just as frustrated. No one is perfect.

  2. Totally, parenting is hardcore! Arguing with a 4 year old is like being in court and he is always right! No one is a perfect parent and I don’t think there is a perfect child out there either! LOL!

  3. Ah man I’m sorry :( And you know what, I would have responded in the exact same manner that you did. As a family we swore all of the time, and when M-L was born we all made a concerted effort. Unfortunately the odd ‘bad’ word came out, and she copied what we said (I have bad road rage so you can only imagine lo!) and she now understands that only big people say those words, and that they’re ‘bad’. You are not a shitty parent; you are doing the absolute best that you can. xxx

  4. Being a single parent is freaking hard and frustrating, especially when you have child whose thinks they’re older than they actually are (and not to mention, sharing similar personality traits as you, am I right?). Just as every child is different, so is every parent, mother or father; single or married.
    I don’t get judgemental people and sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. I hope you’re feeling better after the vent :)

  5. One of my best friends is just like that with her parenting. And guess what? Her child is such a smart and well behaved little girl. So I really don’t think you should feel guilty.Yes, she has had people criticizing her, but I think she just ignores it now. I am not a parent yet myself yet I believe that every parent does what’s best for them and their child.

  6. Well my daddy was a sailor, and my husband is a sailor.. and the stereotype about sailors using more curse words than proper words it totally true around these parts. I’ve taught my kids that it’s just another way of expressing emotion through language….So if I say it, I’m usually about flip my lid on one of the kids lol.. and I do allow my kids to say it in the same manner.. I hope the morning routine starts to get a little easier for you.. I wonder what makes him want to act out at that moment in particular?

  7. Ooohhhh my goodness! Welcome to the ” other group” of parents! The fucking normal ones! Crisis I’ve been judged since I was 18 I’m now 30 firstly for being a young single mother and then because I have no filter. I have 3 girls and with each child it gets worse but I feel so good that I’m me and they know exactly who I am. Welcome to the club soooo refreshing to know there’s others like me!

  8. Parenting is hard – whether there is 1 parent or 5! It’s a tough job and nobody benefits from rash accusations and shit storms. You’re doing a great job. If people want to judge – there is absolutely no way you can stop them. Just let them. If your child is in “trouble” the school is legally obliged to follow up with social welfare and dept of education etc. Has that been done? Nope. It’s all smoke and no fire! Try your best to let it wash off you, like the slime it really is!

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