the storyteller

This is Scéalai, she’s a work in progress. She’s going to be helping me illustrate what it’s like living with / having biopolar II as well as Aspergers, ADHD, anxiety, and all the lovely things that make me, well ME. From the good stuff to the not so nice stuff.

I have a lot of friends and family who often ask questions and I think it’s important that people learn to understand it. It’s not something you can change or control. It’s a part of you and you learn to live with and you fight yourself everyday to deal with it and overcome it. I’ve been saying I want to write a book for just about ever and I have a dozen or so unfinished ones laying about plus I keep getting told I should write a children’s book. So I have no direction as to which, what or how yet but I think that Scéalai is a start in the right direction.

You’ll be seeing a lot of Scéalai in the future. Maybe one day I’ll figure out this whole illustration via PC thing and she’ll look better but for now she’ll be ink and whatever else I have on hand.


puddle jumping


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