Not sure if you heard but I was thinking of doing an advent style giveaway on my blog this December…

Concept: Based on the way kids open an advent calendar and get a little treat everyday from December first till Christmas eve, we don’t really get to do that anymore so I thought it would be fun to round up a few (25 in total) companies willing to sponsor a something small to giveaway. So each day there will be a new giveaway up on the blog. > 25 gifts and 25 winners, so instead of 1 person winning all of them 25 people have the chance to win a little something.

Reason: With all that’s happening in life at the moment I feel like I’m struggling to find my holiday cheer and it seems there are a lot of people who feel the same way this year.

What you get: I can’t say free advertising as you’re obviously needing to part with something to give to the winner but you get great exposure (blog currently has 2381 subscribers and it will go out to our facebook and twitter pages as well) and the chance to spread a little festive cheer.

What I get: Nothing other than a little more traffic and the ability to help spread a little Christmas love.

The fine print: You’re welcome to specify how long you want the giveaway to run (anywhere from a day to the full 25 days) and if you’d like them to go like pages etc. Also note that you don’t need to sponsor 25 items, there will be one winner to each giveaway.

Some awesome companies already signed up/participating (in no particular order):

  1. Kuna Kids clothing
  2. Ellie crate
  3. Lollipops catering
  4. Sojourn illustrations
  5. Tip Top South Africa
  6. Petite Boutique Barbie doll clothing
  7. Baby Bird Basics
  8. Jam Tarts
  9. Spotty frog sandwich cutters
  10. Penguin Books South Africa
  11. Avent
  12. Waterfront Boat Adventures
  13. Hey Gorgeous
  14. Keedo
  15. Beauna Vista Social Club
  16. Numetro
  17. Aspie Writer

So there are still 8 spots open. If you have a company (no matter how big or how small) and would like to grab a day in December to do a small giveaway then please drop me an email: me(at)cupcakemummy(dot)com < remember to take out the ()’s and replace the at and dot with @ and . (You laugh but I’ve had people try use that email address as written there)


3 thoughts on “#25daysofgifts

  1. We would love to be involved…and grab one of the remaining places! The Ruby Orchard, Howick. I’ll drop you an email! :-)

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