We went to a friend’s kidlets fourth birthday at the Porters market (which is stunning btw)  in Tokai and she’d hired a horse for rides.
Fysh was the first one, he waltzed right up to him and petted his nose then asked if he could get on. His posture was pretty and he had such a blast I lost count how many rides he did. At one point he wouldn’t get off (we were the first ones there so was okay as no other kids had arrived yet) and was content to just sit on Flight while I missioned to find a loo (or a bush as it turned out).

happiness issaddle

Of course once the other kids arrived he had to let them have a turn but somehow he ended up convincing the guy to let him sit and “babysit” the pony they had there. He was happy to just sit there with Harry while all the other kids were off on the jungle gym. Of course when the horses left he got his play on and I had a few adults comment on his right arm because he literally beat the candy out the pinata when the other kids couldn’t.


Makes my heart melt that my kid loves horses as much as I do.
Think I should look into lessons for him.


4 thoughts on “heartmelt

  1. That’s so awesome! I wish my girls would like horses, I put them on once and they were inconsolable! It’s just a such a pity that lessons are so expensive.

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