sweltering sunday

For some reason I woke up at 5am with a “I need to clean NOW” feeling and considering my room hasn’t had a floor for about a month because I simply couldn’t care less I started with that. Well it has a floor again and I have three black bags of clothes (4 if you count stuff Fysh has out grown) that are going to my gran for her to use as material for her barbie clothes (she makes them) and I finally hooked up the TV that she gave Fysh when she upgraded to a flatscreen. Those old Tv’s are HEAVY btw…

Only problem is that it’s not hooked up to anything other than my dusty old dvd player so I’m going to have to burn some of his favorite movies off the hard drive.

watching cars

While the washing was getting done Fysh asked if I’d come watch movies with him on his TV so I sat getting a little crafty and making felted magnets. Think I’ll put them with the xmas cards I plan on sending out this year. Cute right?

felt flowers

Then we decided it was far too bloody hot and we want ice lollies so I donned a bra and went to get, the moment the cold from the freezer hit my face I decided to grab a bunch more and go visit my moms pool (the extras were to bribe her haha) and so the family (including my great gran) sat in the pool eating ice lollies. Absolute bliss. 

summer fun

Later the afternoon Fysh got to Skype with his Aunty Panda (biodads sister) who is currently in the UK visiting that family. She’s the only one who makes any effort at all and I’m still grateful for that, even though I’m still a bit peeved she let Fysh Skype with her mom when he slept over and told him that’s his granny far away. I’m sorry but a woman who doesn’t even send a card on his birthday does not a granny make. That title is reserved for my mom who loves Fysh as if he were her own. But anyway…


Productive and yet lazy Sunday :)


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