pesky critters

So the school just phoned (yes again…) but this time asking me to come and fetch Fysh – enter panic mode because clearly something is wrong.

Apparently he has lice :/
Only place he can get it from is the school, then again we were at a kids party on Saturday so could be from one of those kids or even housemate’s madam. It’s not exactly something you make an effort to check for daily. Or is it supposed to be?

I don’t even know. I remember stealing vinegar out the boarding school kitchen and soaking my hair along with all the other girls once a month when I lived in Vredenburg because Pigeons nested in the roof of our boarding school but I don’t remember ever actually having lice. My momma would know but I don’t, think my brother had as a kid. The only good thing is that I know lice prefer clean hair. Still sucks though.

Can’t get off work so his granny had to go fetch him. Am sure he’s ecstatic about that AND the fact that he got to go home early.
Speaking of that I remember my momma telling me about how they used to actually want lice as kids so they could go home, I vaguely remember her saying how they used to buy lice. Might have been my gran telling me that story though. The things kids do to stay home…

And of course now my head is itching just talking about it.


5 thoughts on “pesky critters

  1. oooo I’m itchy now…. I’m not too sure how accurate this, since we’ve yet to have a lice outbreak, but I was told that if there’s a confirmed lice situation at the school they won’t send them home anymore..I hope Fysh’s new friends don’t stay around too long ;)

  2. Argh! I hate those dang things!! I grew up in NYC and never had them, but since living here in the south, the kids have had it twice and I completely freak out! I use the shampoo, then dye my hair (cuz some said that it kills them), and then use the hot iron on my hair (same reason)! Then of course go through the house like a Tazmanian devil…bedding, clothing everything in the wash! Then I itch for weeks thinking about it! LOL They really aren’t too hard to get rid of, it is just so much work (when you have four boys) and the whole house to contend with. Good Luck…I’ll be thinking about you, sending happy thoughts!

  3. BTW, No, I don’t think it is something that you would be checking for regularly, not unless he is scratching or you know other kids have it around him. Plus, even when my kids did have it, I was looking and checking and never saw anything–not by just looking.

  4. Right, buy Picksan and get rid of them, Then, for pre caution one of the following: Cut his hair a number 3 or shorter (lice attach further from the head than that length of hair) – hence my boys short cuts they have never had. Or, do the harder alternative I do with my girlchild: buy Lennons Bergamot essence – put a quarter bottle into each of: shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray. Wash hair with these and put a few drops into the final rinse water. The spray each morning with the detangling spray before going to school or anywhere else where contact is expected We have had none for almost a year where everyone around her has had. I can vouch it works but you have to be super consistent. Note – preventitive measure – not cure. First cure

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