my minions big day

fyshsticksIt was Fysh’s very first school concert today and I am so full of pride and joy that I feel like I’m having a manic episode. I honestly couldn’t get rid of the smile on my face, not even when my cheeks started to ache really bad.

I was really worried that he would refuse to take part or that he’d cry and want to keep running to me cause they’ve been practicing a lot the past few months and the last two or three weeks he’s told me he doesn’t want to do the concert. So I may have bribed him a little bit saying that if he doesn’t cry and he does his concert then we can go get him something from the shop. Whether or not it was the bribery or just his awesomeness he was fantastic!

It was full smiles and participation and singing at the top of his lungs. Watching him do his little gumboot dance with the other friends I struggled to keep the tablet still while videoing cause all I wanted to do was laugh and clap but granny couldn’t make it and insisted on lots of videos and photos. Only once during a quick break did he run up to me and give me a hug then it was back to the next scene were he was the best damn crocodile ever ;)

Right at the end they put on that Despicable Me “banana” song and let the kids free-dance, he wasn’t so into that and didn’t join in the shenanigans. 
But other than that, my little boy definitely aint so little anymore!

Stupid WordPress won’t let me upload the video clip but you can check out a snippet of the gumboot dance on my instagram.


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