Trashcan Kids – Giveaway

61883_10151193197392175_1564460885_nLast year  I entered a giveaway and won a TrashCanKid which Santa delivered to Fysh on Weinachten. I picked out Slam ’cause he looks like a mini replica of Fysh and went and got a little skateboard that I could pop in his trashcan pack with him. Fysh was THRILLED and loves that Slam (who is now named Blue)  looks like him. And he loves me reading the forgotten world story to him when we go to bed tucked up with Blue.

I’m absolutely delighted to say that after popping a request over to the lovelies at TrashCanKidz they came back saying they would happily be a part of #25daysofgifts because not only are the dolls really cute but they have a story behind them; their motto is ‘every child counts’. They’re about giving a voice to the voiceless, to the “thrown away” – to the thousands and millions of orphaned, vulnerable and street children of the world. Homeless boys and girls who, for one reason or another, the world has ‘forgotten.’

TrashCanKidz is here to start a conversation about the plight of these children and to take positive steps – so that ours can be the generation that starts making a difference. And we’re doing it in a really unique, powerful and meaningful way – through the power of play!

TrashCanKidz invites kids to adopt an adorable TrashCanKidz of their own. These dolls represent the homeless children of our world – and for every one of the dolls adopted, we donate 20% to an organisation or initiative supporting children in need. There will also be  iPad games, card games and interactive books available – so that kids can get involved in the adventures of their TrashCanKidz. And for everything that we do, everything that we sell – we make a contribution to the charities and organisations we are working with.

They’ve graciously offered up a stunning prize for a winner (this one is for Jozi peeps only as you’ll need to go and collect your gift from their store in Sandton) which includes a TrashCanKid of your choice as well as a sticker set, a TrashCanKidz singalong and a TrashCanKids christmas carols collection CD!


So you’d like to win yourself your minion a gorgeous TrashCanKid?
Leave a comment telling me which of the  TrashCanKidz you’d take home with you if you got to adopt one (you can look on their website)
They’ve asked really nicely that you please give their facebook page a little like love, that way you can keep up to date with all the new things going on :)
If you tweet the competition please remember to tag @cupcakemummy and @trashcankidz1 as well as @SandtonCity and don’t forget to hashtag it #25daysofgifts.

Open to South African residents only. This one is for Jozi peeps only as you’ll need to go and collect your gift from their store in Sandton.
The winner will be notified VIA email on Tuesday the 16th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


16 thoughts on “Trashcan Kids – Giveaway

  1. I know a little one that would be over the moon to have one of these little guys by his side, either the surfer on the website or maybe the boxer? Come on Cupcake woman! Make my kids day!

  2. Page liked and competition tweeted!
    I would LOVE to adopt Rose! She wears her hair in pigtails like I often do, I love her purple shoes, and I love the flower in her hair!

  3. Slam would come home with us. My son loves skateboarding and seen as it is his birthday in 18 days it would be a great surprise for him!

  4. I would love to adopt Rose, my daughter would make the perfect big sister, she’s an only child with lots of love to share, who adores ladybugs, and her two dogs, and spending hours in the garden, looking after her fairy garden. Ciara is also HUGE on birthday parties and would give Rose the ultimate themed birthday. She sounds just the perfect sister to join our happy family!

  5. I would love Slam! And really, we have one and I just won another (still to go and adopt) on their Facebook page but would it not be super to win another? Then we can have 3 – one for each of our own kids.

  6. Rose looks like a REALLY awesome kid! I LOVE the concept of trashcan kidz around creating awareness about children in serious need and also love the fact that they give a portion to charity! VERY cool indeed.

  7. I like alll of them and because our baba has not yet shown what he/she is I would say that anyone of these forgotten island peeps would love it in our house

  8. We would love to adopt Slam. He’s a skater boy like daddy and Slam will have so much fun with dad and his new sister Mila, whom daddy has taught to skate too \o/

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