the day everything changed

My dearest little Fysh,

Today marks one of those days that you will learn about in history when you go to school in the rather near future, it’s a day that will change a lot and have a rather large impact on all of us and our lives going forward.

Madiba died last night and the world has gone into mourning for the loss of such a great man. Your momma is torn into two about this because on one hand (as your conspiracy theorist papa will preach to you when you’re older) she was taught that he was jailed for a reason to start off with but, as you will also learn, he was also a man that inspired us to believe that everything is impossible until you do it. That you can make your dreams come true so long as you’re willing to stand up and fight for them.

He inspired more change than one man has (apart from Hitler, but that’s another story your papa will also teach you about I’m sure) in a lifetime and I feel for his family and those who were close to him.

I can’t deny that I fear for our country though, I fear for what is to come now that this great leader, that this legend is gone. I just hope that the legacy he left behind, that the coming together of the world today is enough to keep my paranoia just that. For now all we can do is take this time to pay tribute to all that he did and achieved in his 95 years on this planet.

Love always, your momma x


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