Petite Boutique – Giveaway

IMG_20131206_065850 How many of you played with Barbies as a kid? How many of you passed yours down to your kids?
I grew up in a town where we didn’t have dstv or anything like that till I was a teen so we used to play Barbies, take them on picnics, build giant sand cities for them etc. Free play, using your imagination, something that kids seem to be losing out on these days sadly.

My son loves my Barbies and My Little Ponies and when he was little he used to push around my handwoven dollie pram that I got on my first birthday. I don’t like the gender stereotypes people place on kids so yeah he’s car obsessed but I don’t mind at all that he plays with dolls. To me it might just make him a better dad one day (oh damn, I might end up a granny!).


Point is that I was extremely lucky as a kid because my Barbies and Ken’s were always impeccably dressed and had overflowing wardrobes thanks to my granny who decided that there simply weren’t enough pretty things at a reasonable price for Barbie, and it’s true. When last have you seen Barbie outfits? Other than the ones they come with at least? I know I haven’t, but then again I don’t think I’ve really looked either. She even made my Barbie (which I still have) a replica of my Matric dance dress out of it’s left over scraps of material.


This holiday spoil your little person’s Barbie with a gorgeous evening gown and a ballet set! All items are handmade and one of a kind, no two items are ever the same even if made out of the same fabric there are always details that set them apart from each other.

Want to win them?

  • Simply comment below telling me what your favourite childhood toy was.
  • Granny doesn’t have a website or any social media pages so if you would like to order anything please send me an email and I’ll pass on her cell number. me(at)cupcakemummy(dot)com <remember to take out the ()’s and replace at and dot with @ and . (you laugh but it’s happened that people try copy it as is)
  • If you tweet about the giveaway remember to tag me @cupcakemummy and use the #25daysofgifts hashtag.

Open internationally. 
The winner will be notified VIA email on Friday the 13th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


10 thoughts on “Petite Boutique – Giveaway

  1. Magic Diaper Babies!! I still have over 60 of them and my three year old LOVES playing with them as a treat! She also plays with my barbie and Ken I got when I was 5!!

  2. Most definitely my Barbies! I still have them all, included all the accessories and clothes. My cousins play with them when they visit and they’d be so happy if they saw new clothes for Barbie :)

  3. My childhood toy was a pregnant Barbie it had a tummy that turned around from flat to pregnant and inside it was a newborn baby also my favourite was diaper babies they were R2 back in the 80’s you would put them in the freezer and the nappy would change either pink or blue.

  4. My fondest childhood memory was playing with my favourite toy, which happened to be a my little pony ;) They were like my best friends. Have shared on facebook & tweeted too(@flutterbymegs)…fingers crossed :) xxx

  5. I received a Ghost Busters teddy from my grandfather before he passed away… I loved that teddy when I was younger and I still have it to this day (27 years later)

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