Penguin Books SA – Giveaway

It’s no secret that I have a great love and appreciation for Penguin Books South Africa, over the past year they have sent Fysh and myself a couple books every month to read and review and I have loved the randomness of them as many are books I’d never have picked myself. You know how much I’ve read this year though so you know that when it comes to books I will sing high praises off the rooftops and bow down to those people who are able to take what is in their head and share it with us.

It’s also a very big thing to me that kids read and I’m glad my minion loves it as much as I do and thanks to Penguin Books South Africa he’ll be getting a few new ones for us to read at bedtime under the tree :)

Of course, being such a stunning company who are all about spreading the joy of reading they’ve offered up a stunning Roald Dahl hamper including a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator! Some great festive reading for your little bookworm.

Want the hamper full of literature goodness?
Leave a comment below with what your favourite childhood story/book was.
Give their Facebook a little like love (and mine if you haven’t already)
Remember to tag @cupcakemummy and @PenguinBooksSA as well as use the #25daysofgifts hashtag if you tweet about it.

Open to South African residents only. 
The winner will be notified VIA email on Friday the 13th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


49 thoughts on “Penguin Books SA – Giveaway

  1. OMYGOSH!!! Roald Dahl was my absolute favourite author growing up. The first book I ever bought myself with my own money was “The Witches” and it went EVERYWHERE with me! “Danny The Champion of the World” followed that and I read and loved all the others in between… This would be an AWESOME win for my kids! :)

  2. Roald Dahl was my childhood! I can remember getting so excited when a book of his that I had not read yet was in the library. My favourite childhood book was Witches – Roald Dahl. I have read this book a million times and just introduced my daughter to him. Her favourite right now is Mathilda.

  3. My fav book as a kid ohhh tough choice ! Goblino the witches cat, charlie and the choc factory , paddington bear :) fb liked already will share on twitter @verushka
    Regards Verushka Ramasami

  4. The Far Away Tree for sure! Moon Face was my hero! I used to get really sad that I couldn’t take a trip up the faraway tree and explore whatever land was at the top. What a magical book :)

    Of course I adored every Roald Dahl book too… What an amazing author!

  5. Gosh, I read and liked so many books as a child I really don’t remember any favourites, though as I got older I read all the Nancy Drew and Famous Five books as well as Hardy Boys. Mitchell really loves reading, especially at bedtime and would love some new books to read.

  6. I was and still am a book junkie!! As a child I loved anything by Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton. As I got older I enjoyed Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables. I would love to win this hamper for Zoe, who, like me, LOVES reading!!

  7. My first and fave book as a kiddie was The BFG. It was the first book that I read myself and I was a Roald Dahl fan from then on! When I grew a bit, Witches was my next fave and I made sure that I read all his books from then on. I would love my boy to inherit my love for reading and I will make sure that he does…however, this collection will make my job much much easier! @WilliamsSaskia Twitter and Saskia Williams FB

  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a child I dreamed to own a chocolate factory someday. I am still a chocoholic :-) A good book and with my best slab of chocolate is heaven for me.

  9. Oh my word – this is such a cool giveaway! I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also The Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair were some that I read over and over and over again. Man I miss reading!

  10. This is such an amazing prize, as my son enjoys his books immensely.
    Reading was my favourite activity as a child and it’s hard for me to choose a favourite, but I loved the Sadler’s Wells ballet stories, The St Clares series by Enid Blyton, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chronicles of Narnia series, and the list goes on…..

  11. *heaven gates open & my childhood flashes before my eyes*

    I can’t pick one!!!!!!!!! But if I have to..

    MATILDA was my absolute fave!!!!

    Please pick me!!!!!!! Never wanted to win something so badly!!

    @Sarablaque on twitter! I’m about to tweet like crazy!

  12. Being an Afrikaans girl, I loved Saartjie & Trompie books. They have recently been reprinted and I would love my kids to read them too.

  13. Absolutely loved The magic faraway tree, my mom used to read it to us when we were little, and also enjoyed the secret seven and famous five

  14. Roald Dahl was my absolute favourite writer (and still is with his short stories being an annual read of mine). I begged and begged for the Roald Dahl Treasury for my birthday one year. When I opened my presents and it was there, I spent the next two day with my nose buried between its pages. In it, there was a letter from another little girl written to Roald Dahl and claiming to be his biggest fan. I was incensed. There was no bigger fan in the world than me, and I needed to tell him. I set about writing my tribute of fandom to him, using only my best coloured pencils; neatest handwriting (the dedication to which resulted in my having to start over several times), and littering the page with my favourite stickers, in honour of the special occasion. After days of dedication to crafting the perfect fan letter, I took it to my mum and proudly asked her to help me send it. She read it through and looked up at me, a little sadly, before breaking the news to me that my all-time favourite author had been dead for a couple of years already. Heart-broken, I tucked that letter into my memory box and have since cherished it, and his books, as a means through which I can express my appreciation for the childhood of wonder and excitement that he gave me through his books.

  15. Growing up as a kid, I enjoyed almost all the books, especially A.A. Milne and Roald Dahl. A big favourite of mine was Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’. I love it to this day and read it to my daughter Zoe often. (It’s never too early to teach kids to be tree-huggers!). Also tweet about giveaway (@flutterbymegs)and liked on Facebook ;) Fingers crossed tightly!!! xxxx

  16. I loved (and still do) “James and the Giant Peach” – does it get any zanier than the awful Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge, and the friendly insects inside the enormous peach? Also still like to refer back to “Boy” – Roald Dahl was such a quirky writer, and I love the idea that his books are still so popular.

  17. Too many favourite to chose one but definitely enjoyed Roald Dahl Books! As well as all the classic fairy tales…..

  18. I spent my childhood in a library lol , bringing back fond memories how it was competition amongst my friends on who could read the most books. Firm favourite that springs to mind, The BFG,The Faraway Tee, Where the wild things are..

  19. My favourite books were by Enid Blyton. I had lots of them, like The Faraway Tree. Really interesting to go to the kids section in the library (my kids are now 11)…my daughter read 101 Dalmations recently (written in the 1950’s!) and she told me all about how different it is to the movie. I think that has turned out to be her favourite book so far :) Roald Dahl was a firm favourite too, my nephew’s favourite now!

  20. Page liked and Twitter account followed!
    I grew up with Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton stories, and my Ouma Jean always gave me beautiful classic books like Treasure island. When I went to primary school I discovered Roald Dahl!

  21. Oh, I wish I could name just one favourite book but I really cant! Loved Enid Blyton, The Narnia series, Roald Dahl and so many more!

    Followed, liked and tweeted :)

  22. I hated reading until the age of 9 when I picked up James and the Giant Peach. After that I was hooked with Matilda being my favourite. So this giveaway was made for me (even though I own most of Dahl’s kid’s books I can always give any I already have to the school)

  23. Mine was Holderstabolder. About a witch who had a black house and a black cat. She kept tripping over the cat as she could not seehim in her black house. She then made thecat a few different colours that didnt work out. Then she decided to change the colour of her house…

  24. I loved anything by Enid Blyton, especially the Famous Five. I read non stop once I got given my first Famous five book as a child, and have not stopped! still passionate about reading. Can’t wait to introduce my daughter to all my favourites as she grows.

  25. I cant pick one book that was my favourite but what comes to mind straight away was the Dr Seuss collections <3

  26. My favourite book as a kid was Snow white,I loved the part about mirror mirror on the wall and after my mum used to read the story,I used to always go infront of the mirror and repeat those lines mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of us all and wait for a reply,lol

  27. I couldn’t pick a favourite. All books were magical to me in my childhood. My dearest Roald Dahl book, though, was ‘Danny The Champion of the World’.

    Lovely giveaway! Hope you have many more!

    I liked both pages and my email address is

    Happy Holidays! :)

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