a custom illustration – Giveaway

drawingsRight, so today’s giveaway is a bit of a last minute “wild card” as they’d call it. I think. Whoever “they” are. Mmmm… I wouldn’t mind being a “they”.
Heading off topic here. My fault.

Yesterday I asked if I should offer up one of my illustrations as a giveaway and the overall consensus was yes.
So as you know I try and give you what you want. It’s the festive season after all and I’m all about playing Santa’s helper elf this year so…

I shall be giving THREE people the chance to win a custom giveaway.
Before we get to the how you can win it though let me just say that if you ask me to design a tattoo I will pick someone else. There are zillions of brilliant tattoo artists out there and a bunch I could point you in the direction of who’s living it is to do that sort of thing. It’s not my forte or style. Yes I designed mine but that’s cause they’re mine.

So for some reason you want one my doodles?
Leave a comment below letting me know what you’d ask me to draw for you if you won this.
Go like my facebook page if you haven’t already (shame on you)
And remember that if you tweet about it tag @cupcakemummy and use the #25daysofgifts hashtag :)

Open internationally. 
The winners will be notified VIA email on Tuesday the 17th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


41 thoughts on “a custom illustration – Giveaway

  1. Yay I am so glad you agreed to include this in your giveaways! But now I am so torn about what I would like you to draw? SO many ideas, maybe the best thing would be to tell you that I would like something for Zoe’s bedroom, and she loves all animals, the beach and Zanzibar lol! Maybe a little girl surrounded by all sorts of animals??

  2. When my friend cacey died it touched a lot of lives. It also touched a lot of my memories and joint memories with others and suddenly a thread that connected us was gone. This burnt an image in my head, I just could never do that image justice. Threads like a spider web spread over a huge black abyss each one connected by a drop of glowing liquid, the silhouette of each person they represent curled up inside. The person dies, the light goes out and the threads snap off, dangling in the cool air coming from the darkness below

  3. Um… I would have to choose something for my passage between the girls rooms and something like a beautiful, strong Williow tree surrounded by fairies and trolls, flowers and birds, tiny fireflies. Something magical for the wall I plan to hang their foot print casts on :)

  4. This is fantastic! But so much pressure having to decide on the spot… Something for my beautiful son… Perhaps cheesy but was thinking of a picture of Mandela or something of the sort? I think Anything you do will be gorgeous!

  5. My siblings and I all got the same swallow tattoo’s because they represent that you always find your way home, think my mom felt a little left out so I would love an illustration of swallows and home and where your heart belongs inspired drawing for my mom.

  6. i would LOVE one of your illustrations to hang on the wall of our (first) little bachelor apartment home :) ! Trying to prescribe to an artist what to draw is a very difficult thing though, so I’d likely give you one of mine & my fiance’s favourite songs and ask you to interpret it as you see fit. Is that a specific enough answer? Your imagery is magical so I’d be more than happy to leave the interpretation up to you ;)

  7. there are two that I would love – the first is a sketch of Jensen turned into something magical if that makes sense? The second option would be a header for my blog :)

  8. Hi :) I would love to win a custom illustration of my favourite Dr Seuss quote for my little boy’s room: “the more things you read, the more you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”

  9. I would love to win this Coral!
    When Ava was placed, one of my friends, an artist, designed 3 beautiful custom drawn canvases for her room. One of a kind and always treasured.
    I’d love to have a custom image for Hannah’s room… a forest theme with owls! That’s what I’d ask you to draw!

  10. I would do anything to get my hands on one of your custom illustrations….so pretty please pick me…I am literally on my knee’s asking you nicely ;) I would love you to draw a picture of both my daughter Zoe and I that I can add to my “famous” photo wall of all those near and dear to me!!! Liked on Facebook and shared the love on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Holding fingers, toes basically everything…I now look like a human pretzel…LOL :) xxx

  11. Oh my goodness. I’d love to win this! I have so many ideas. I’d love a picture of myself drinking coffee and writing. Or drinking coffee and dreaming! Or one of my husband taking photos! You are so talented!

  12. Awesome! I want to change the Ellie Crate branding, want Ellie to represent a cheeky little girl and the best way to get this across is through a cute illustration (sort of like a whimsical kid). Love to win this! Would be too awesome :)

  13. I would love an illustration for my kids (boy and girl) who share a room! I cant say exactly what I’d ask for but would ask for your creative recommendation what what that would be :) A surprise illustration, haha!

  14. This is a really tough choice to make. There are so many images that have meaning for me. Something that represents my family, with steampunk elements? Maybe a steampunk book, since the love of reading is in the core of my family. Maybe with the names of our loved ones written in it? Too many ideas!

  15. Oooh yay!! Love this giveaway! I’d love a doodle of my 2 huskies running amock somewhere… they love the veld and I have a few photos (or more than a few) that could be used as a reference.

  16. Wow, what a lovely prize this would be as it is something that money cannot buy! My darling dog has lymphoma and isnt going to last much longer, so I would love a doodle of him and Ashton, as Ashton is not old enough to remember him. In the doodle I would also love a dragonfly, as we use them to represent our Angel girl. Thanks for offering this up!

  17. Well, it’s obviously too late to enter (I am a bit behind in my blog reading) but clearly you hate being asked to design tattoos and **cringe** I think I may have suggested just such a thing at Fysh’s birthday party, not realising the murderous thoughts you were probably thinking!! Haha will never mention it again!! Oh and if this is still in time, it would be nice to get a drawing of a baby with angel wings in memory of my daughter.

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