bleach my memories. PLEASE

No seriously, I’m begging you… someone hypnotize me or something.

Last week we had a courier company come fetch a rather large crate at work to be sent of to Namibia, the guy who collected it was this odd old man (and I don’t mean that in an “I’m 25 and anyone older is old way, I mean literally old enough to be my grandpa) who proceeded to flirt with me. HARD. I did NOT flirt back, I was just polite, I think I even called him oom cause that’s how I was raised. I tweeted then that I needed my memories wiped.

What I did NOT expect was for him to interpret my politeness as flirting and show up at the office again today “just to say hi” and then ask me if I had someone special in my life O_o

I may have lied.
Well it was more like a spin on his answer, cause Fysh is a special person in my life and so are my friends. But he doesn’t need to know that.

Mmmm… on the bright side at least I know I still got it ;)


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