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1455930_10151753864282175_21137696_nHey there gorgeous readers!
Today we have a very aptly named company joining us for #25daysofgifts: Hey Gorgeous :)

These lovelies are amazing, not only are they great people but their products. Oh my oh my do they only but smell DIVINE!
I went through to one of their tester breakfasts earlier this year and it was SO hard to try and choose which product I wanted to take home with me. I ended up on the vanilla range because, well, it smells like cupcakes ;)

Their products are handmade/homemade and made up of all natural oils and scents (for some reason I have that “put the lime in the coconut” song stuck in my head right now) and smell edible – but they aren’t. Trust me on this, don’t try eat it…

They’ve given me a stunning hamper to give one of you loyal readers that includes: their strawberry and black pepper body scrub, candyfloss lip scrub and the strawberry hair conditioning treatment!

Want the hamper?
Tell me which of their products are your favourite or you think would be your favourite (see their website)
Give them some like love on facebook (and me if you haven’t yet)
If you tweet it remember to tag @cupcakemummy and @heygorgeoussa as well as use the #25daysofgifts hashtag

Open to South African residents only. 
The winner will be notified VIA email on Friday the 20th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.

36 thoughts on “hey gorgeous – giveaway

  1. Oooh absolutely love Hey Gorgeous stuff. My fave is their honey and almond facial scrub that I also use on my feet:) would love to try their strawberry and black pepper one too. Loving all these giveaways on your site and enjoying your blog :)

  2. I must confess that I have spent quite a long time on the Hey Gorgeous website in the last week deciding what I like…I LOVE the way that all the products load in a single view & that the photos are all so pretty…this is one of a few sites that I am seriously considering ordering from instead of going out to the shops to get my family Xmas pressies! The strawberry hair conditioning treatment is my favourite (today!). PS The giveaways on your blog this week have been great!

  3. I am OBSESSED with HG!!! They are amazing and their products are fantastic! I LOVE my Honey, Papaya and Pomagranate face scrub and if I had to choose I would have to say the Cocnut Souffle bosy mousse… No the Passion fruit and Lime body butter… No wait their Marshmallow Body Butter… Oooh! And their Mistle Toes foot scrub, not to mention their Happily Ever After Serum and Revitalising Eye Cream :)

  4. How on earth am I supposed to pick just one favourite? Their stuff looks amazing! I think I’d have to go with either the Chocolate Orange Body Scrub Bliss or the Passion Fruit and Lime Body Butter. Or the Orange Blossom and Chamomile Toner…

  5. Been looking at there website for weeks, I’ve had my eye on the Candy Floss Lip Scrub, Marshmallow whipped body butter and the Goji berry facial mask!

    It all looks amazing and I adore their packaging.

  6. Omw firstly I’m blown away of this amazing give way well my fav has to be there peppermint body scrub, it leaves you feeling soft and refreshed. As well as gives your skin that needed wake up call.the scent lingers on you through out the day trust me it does work as I have tried it.a fabulous product and yes its good enough to eat. Love it.

  7. Thank you for including us in your brilliant Christmas Give-away and for the amazing comments :) We ♥ your interest and support. (Have to tell you that whenever we label our Passionfruit and Lime, we think of you Cupcakemummy – Sing with me… :) )

  8. Ive never used their products before but i have read some fabulous reviews about their lip scrub and body mousse. Think the Candly Floss lip scrub would be my favourite because I have extremely dry lips. Would really love to try out their products!

  9. Iam lucky enough to own one of there creams wow is all i can say there stuff is AMAZING -this hamper would be awesome to which ever luck lady wins it – Ginger rose Wipped mousse looks nice and there Honey and Oatmeal Facial Scrub.looks good enough to eat i could carry on all there stuff looks good

  10. The Black Pepper & Strawberry scrub is amazing! Would love to still try the French Vanilla scrub!! Liking both pages already! :)

    Rochelle Kay

  11. I must say I have a wonderful love affair with HG. I have an addiction actually, but I think it’s a good one ;) My fav HG product would be the French Roast and Vanilla Bean Salt scrub, I just love that it’s made with coffee, my other great love and it fights cellulite too…. Wow! I also adore my Mineral Mud Mask, Creme Brulee Body Mousse, Banish and Repair Serum and my Vitamin C Serum. Oh my, it is impossible to choose just one.

  12. Have no tried HG YET but everything sounds so yummy I a
    Sure our skin can only be satisfied after each use! Their lil scrub is on my Xmas wishlist on my blog and cupcakemummy please pick me!!! :)))

  13. Such a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello! My love of Hey Gorgeous Goodies? Oh please please please pick me ♥ I have liked their Facebook Page and shared it on Twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! I cannot just choose one, because all of their goodies are my favourite, but the Choconut Whipped Mousse Or Body Butter has captured my heart, and it is calling my name…hopefully I don’t mistake it as food and eat it…LOL ;) Fingers crossed!!! xxx

  14. I’d love a soak in the Vanilla Bath Milk, a scrub with Mistle Toes for sandal-ready feet and a slathering of Creme Brûlée. And some Sleepy Time for my little one :)

  15. Have just discovered them and am in love! Have their marshmallow body mousse and oh my gosh! Dying to try their candy floss lipscrub, so i really think this should be mine :)

  16. I would love to win this for my girlfriend since she is a huge fan of Hey Gorgeous products and I know she will love this! I think she would really like the Shea & Mango Luxurious Hand Mask because she loves all mango skincare products

  17. goodness I love all the hey gorgeous products it was so hard to choose one lol. my favourite have to be the ginger bread room and linen mist.

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