It’s a public holiday here in SA but for what I’m not actually sure. I could probably google “day of reconciliation” but if I’m really honest I don’t actually care what it’s about, it’s a public holiday which means no work and an extra day to spend with my minion and that’s perfect for me ;)

But we did do a lot of reconciliation… with wine and friends (both old and new < the wine and the friends)

BeauJoubert (the lovely people who brought you the 6 bottles of wine giveaway) invited me over to visit their farm despite already being closed for the holidays and suggested I bring a few lovelies along with me for a tasting and tour of the vineyards and cellars. It was great! My housemate and her minion came along (which despite the sibling rivalry type arguments was great as the two minions kept each other company) an old friend whom I haven’t seen in a while had a kid free day filled with wine and one of my twitter #bookwhore lovelies is in Cape Town on holiday so I bribed her (not that it took much bribing) to join us.

We were to meet everyone there at 11 but M, Fysh and I arrived early so decided to drive around the farm a bit and we found a little farm stall – turns out it was the strawberry picking farm! So we decided to kill some time and go strawberry picking. Only thing I regret is that we were a little pressed for time. Might head back there when I’m on holiday so Fysh and I can spend more time among the rows.

strawberry picking

We got a little history lesson of the farm, a tour and explanation of the cellars and how the different wines are made/pressed/kept etc, we were also shown the original storage tanks (this was the highlight for the minions and they even asked later on “can we go back to the dark place”) as well as the old manual pressing tanks were they apparently have a little “grape swimming” fun once a year and press out a few bottles the old fashioned way (yes I’ve totally secured an invite to that!)

Now wine has never really been my thing, bourbon and the hard stuff yes but not so much wine (unless it has bubbles in it) so the tasting was interesting but my pallet was more along the lines of spit tasting. Maybe I’m not old enough or maybe I just have a whacked pallet. Though the first white one we tried wasn’t all that bad.

After the tasting we got our glasses filled and set off on a lovely walk around the farm (not all of it as it’s HUGE – though I do intend on going back and hiking it a little one weekend), we got to see the famous “oak lane” which one of their labels are named after, the famous “crocodile” view that the other range is labeled after, the old kitchen and it’s sordid murderous history, the damn that’s the end of the line for their natural spring as well as the original manor house and slave bell. It really is a beautiful and well-kept farm.

wine tasting

All in all it was a fantastic day spent with really great company and fantastic views.
And I’m really excited to show you the little project I’ll be working on for BeauJoubert but you’ll have to wait a bit ;)


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