spotty frog sandwich cutters – giveaway

1183_10151222821917175_876683413_n530777_10151221298837175_1666388034_n 538049_10151221322812175_698503883_n 582427_10151223462247175_1800257991_nThose of you who read my blog often know that I’ve done a sandwich cutter giveaway with Spotty Frog before and you’ll also know how frigging awesome they are!

Do any of you cut the crusts off your minions bread like I do? Fysh might have gotten the habit from me though as even till this day I won’t eat the crust unless it’s bread I’ve made myself. Well these cutters do that for you and at the same time they also cut the sandwich into the cutest shapes!

We have the transport set as well as the puzzle set (which is my absolute favourite btw) and have used them so often since getting them. They make boring pb&j sandwiches exciting, they make any sandwiches exciting actually and you can get really creative with them – I’ve used the puzzle cutter to cut up fruit, to make biscuits and I’ve made a train with a caboose and jelly bean smoke. Fysh loves it, I love it and even my 28 year old housemate get’s his work lunches cut up into cute things ;)

Spotty Frog has oh so generously given me TWO sets of 4 cutters to give two of you!
One for a boy and one for a girl – The transport set and the sandwishes set :)

Want to make your sandwiches as awesome as mine?
Let me know if you have a boy or girl as well as which of the sets on their site is your favourite.
Give em some love on Facebook.
If you tweet it remember to tag @cupcakemummy and @SpottyFrogSA and use the #25daysofgifts hashtag

Open to South African residents only. 
The winner will be notified VIA email on Monday the 23rd of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


22 thoughts on “spotty frog sandwich cutters – giveaway

  1. Yes please! I need these for my 4 year old twin nephew & niece. They absolutely love shapes & patterns!!! Hope I’m lucky enough to win these for their benefit :)

  2. I have a little boy and a little girl so any prize would be awesome! My favourite is definitely the puzzle cutters though. xxx

  3. Eek….sandwich making will never be the same again ;) My little girl Zoe would just love the queen of hearts crown sandwich cutter because she is definitely the little “Queen” in our house! Spread the love on Facebook by liking their Facebook page and shared on twitter too (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed ;)

  4. I’ve tried to win one of these before but was not lucky. My hubby would totally disapprove if I bought one but if I WIN it what can he do?! I love the critter cutters set but am sure Mitchell would love the transport set just as well.

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