indulgence cafe and lollipops catering – Giveaway

432125_240285932730723_584808084_nI love cheesecake, do you love cheesecake?
Mmmm… Now I want cheesecake and if I were in jozi I would enter this one myself and demand to win it :P

I’ve never been to Indulgence cafe myself so I can’t tell you what it’s like but from what I’ve seen in photos and with how stunning the ladies are who run it I can only imagine that it completely  lives up to it’s delicious name!

This festive season is all about friends, family and food. Really good food!
And if you, like me, love food far too much to stick it out on diets then today’s one is just for you because…
One of you get’s dinner for two at Indulgence Café (drinks excluded)
And the other lucky reader gets a baked bar-one cheesecake!!! you can only win this only if you promise to share ;)

Entering is easy as, well, a slice of cheesecake!
Let me know which of the two you would want and if you want and if A) then who’d you’d go with and if B) then who you’d share it with
Give em a little facebook love
If you tweet it tag us on twitter: @cupcakemummy and @indulgence_cafe as well as use the #25daysofgifts hashtag

Open to Johannesburg residents only
The winners will be notified VIA email on Wednesday the 25th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.

8 thoughts on “indulgence cafe and lollipops catering – Giveaway

  1. I would love both, if I won the dinner I would take my mom, she deserves some spoiling and if I won the cheese cake I would share that one with my mom too coz well, it’s her favourite :)

  2. Mmm now this is a toughy because they both such mouth watering delights! Would love the dinner for two alil more though. My other half is still working while im on holiday so we aren’t spending much time together yet. This little treat would be a great way to spend some time together in January. Xc

  3. I would LOVE the bar one cheesecake! I would ask all the dads to look after the kids and invite my close mommy friends to my house for tea and cake!!!!

  4. I would love B the bar one cheesecake and I will share it with my 2 year old son aaryan,we both love cheesecake and his dad don’t like any sweet stuff and we will call aaryan’s friends and all my sweet tooth mummy friends over,I would have choosen A but we don’t know any good babysitters and I have 2 kids,2 year old Aaryan and 6 weeks old Alana and can’t leave them alone .

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