twirling naked in the streets and no one noticed – Giveaway

I was diagnosed with Aspergers rather late in life after someone dear to me suggested that I go have tests done as she has kids on the spectrum and was convinced I (as well as my dad) might be as well. Dad stays undiagnosed but after learning more and interacting with (ironic I know) those who are on the spectrum I’m pretty sure that he is as well. It’s now classed as autism but most aspies still class it separately.

When you think of autism what comes to mind? The way it’s pictured in the media right? Of course you do, because severe autism is more widely spotlighted.
You could easily walk past a lot of people on the spectrum and never even realise it. The only way you might be able to pinpoint them is when you see an adult do something that you might think is childish. Like jumping in puddles, sitting on the baggage conveyors at airport terminals or rubbing their hands over odd textures. For the most part it’s more classed as things we can’t tolerate; certain smells, textures, noises, crowds, and an assortment of other things.

One of the reasons I start my festive shopping early in the year is because I can’t stand malls, they’re too much of much and during this time of the year that is tenfold.

I met Aspie writer, well actually I’m not sure how or when I met her really (not that I’ve MET her as she’s in the states, maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to have that stamp in my passport though), while she was still  writing her book, the story of understanding Aspergers from the inside. In essence, a story of her life highlighting what living with Aspergers is like. I’ve read bits and bobs of it as she posted while she was writing and am impatiently waiting on my copy to arrive… stupid slow postal system!

“I did not build rocket ships that launched off to Mars; no-one went to Mars! I did not play with dolls pretending they were babies; they were plastic. There was this one doll though, one doll that I had to have—the Joey doll. My grandfather watched Archie Bunker on the TV show “All in the Family” every night, which meant so did I. Joey, was Archie Bunker’s grandson. Baby Joey was a controversial doll; he was the first doll to be just like a real baby. Joey was anatomically correct! Just like a real baby? OK—I can do that. First lesson in anatomy, and the excretory system: put water in Joey’s mouth and it comes right out—immediately.

Standing in front of our house, I proudly displayed my stripped Joey doll. “Boys have penises — I may have traumatized the little, old, Italian woman in the black dress next door. There were a lot of unrecognizable words coming out of her mouth. Then she made the sign of the cross three times, kissed her crucifix, and rushed off into the house. What? I thought she knew.”

unnamedJeannie is giving away a signed copy of “Twirling naked in the streets and no one noticed“. It’s a great read whether you know someone with Aspergers or not. It’s no fairytale though it might seem a bit like fiction to a lot of you but the writing style is humorous and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it either way.

Want a copy?
I’m not really sure what you should leave a comment about with this one, um… think of the strangest “childish” thing you still like to do even as an adult. I jump in puddles, love popping bubble wrap and always dance in the rain.
She’s on facebook with fun anecdotes about being an Aspie and raising 4 kids!
If you tweet it tag @cupcakemummy and @AspieWriter. Don’t forget to use the #25daysofgifts hashtag.

Open internationally.
The winner will be notified VIA email on Wednesday the 25th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


14 thoughts on “twirling naked in the streets and no one noticed – Giveaway

  1. I love popping bubble wrap too! And licking the bowl/eating raw mixture when baking (does that count? I wouldn’t think so but most adults I know don’t seem to do it. Clearly they’re the odd ones). I still read children’s books.

    • They don’t lick the bowls??? What is wrong with people? l love to lick the bowls. Went to the mall yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping and spent most of my time in the department stores walking from one soft fuzzy item to another rubbing my hands and often my face on them. Malls are stressful.

      • i agree why would people not lick the bowls what a waste , Malls are stressful i worked in one for many years Hate them now – just to many damn people – dread having to go tom yes i haven’t bought my Christmas shopping gonna have to brave the mall tom :(

  2. I also love popping bubble wrap, then I still watch Barney & Friends and Spongebob Squarepants and I also love coloring in.

  3. when i was a kid always used to dive bomb into the pool and i have to admit still do it today, i also do the popping bubble wrap and the bowl licking oh and i used to twirl my hair when i slept and now as an adult i do it when iam stressed

  4. Bubble wrap. No more needs be said! Also, I I occasionally make forts/castles with my daughter Zoe out of bed sheets, Blankets and pillows *Blushing* it is so much fun ;) Shared via twitter too! fingers crossed!

  5. Sitting in the middle of a grocery store sobbing my eyes out over a song. Was not long after my husband has passed and it just threw me. Definitely totally out of character for me. (Delighted you are introducing the world to the wonders of Aspies and Autism. Every single Autistic person has a gift to give to the world in one way or another. Society has to be educated to their gifts and talents.

  6. I am such a child at heart!!! I will always dance in the rain, wake up early on special occasions, play silly games in the pool like marco polo or sea monsters, I always lick the bowl (well to be honest I get one lick and the kids get the rest!) and will laugh out loud at the silliest things!

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