there’s no school or work tomorrow…

We’ve had one of those really relaxed and lazy summer Sunday’s. Fysh and I slept in this morning, if you can count 7am as sleeping in, then watched a few cartoons (I really need to get more dvd’s) bathed and showered, played with Joonbug a bit then headed on over to my mum as I needed her PC  to upload a few giveaways considering they weren’t uploading via my tab’s wordpress app for some reason.

After modelling some of the Wakaberry giveaway prizes I put on some vinyl  – cause I was hipster before it was cool – and Fysh decided that we need to bake biscuits for santa so we grabbed all the ingredients (cause we always bake from scratch) and got to work, there is now a plate of biscuits for us to put out on Tuesday evening, there’s even a few for the reindeer :)



Then swimming, lots of it!
We love grannies pool and one day when I’m big and earn a lot of that stuff called money I’ll have our pool at home fixed so that we can enjoy cocktails while floating about in it.

The minion has decided that he’s going to sleep at granny tonight so I’m home alone with a cocktail, a movie, my book and the last 5 personalized mini felt stockings that I’m making for the table this year instead of crackers like we usually do. The price of crackers are simply ridiculous, the “cheap” ones are filled with crap and the “not so bad ones” start at about R50 a cracker which is just daylight robbery so we usually go out and buy a little something small for each person and make our own crackers. But this year I decided to tackle the project of making felt stockings. Why I do this to myself I have no idea but they’re special and I think the family will appreciate them. Or at least they better…1509010_10151808194872175_857489170_n


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