wakaberry – Giveaway

Summer is officially here and I can’t really say I love it cause I am most definitely more a winter baby BUT Wakaberry has come to the rescue and is making summer a much more tolerable season!
Fysh and I headed through to the store in town (they really do need one closer to this side of the map, then again maybe not cause I’ll go broke) and grabbed ourselves tubs of delicious froyo. Well the Fysh did, he wanted cream soda with sour jelly worms but this vegan momma had their new sorbet option and oh am I beyond stoked that they have it available now :)

The reason we headed on through wasn’t just for the delicious treats though, our “mission” was also to go and pick up a box of goodies just for you!
Wakaberry no longer just does frozen deliciousness, they now also have a stunning range of branded goodies to help you get through summer and also make the rest of the year feel like a beach day! They have everything from towels and UV protective glasses to snap caps, water bottles and cute little key rings.

IMG_20131222_094235SEVEN of you lovelies are going to walk away with a little something something from Wakaberry this December because they have given me:
1 giant beach towel
2 pairs of UV protective sunglasses
2 steel water bottles
2 snapcaps

Want to head to the beach with one of these lovely items?
Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite thing about summer is.
Give them a little facebook love
Tag @cupcakemummy and @wakaberry if you tweet it and don’t forget the #25daysofgifts hashtag

Open internationally. 
The winners will be notified VIA email on Wednesday the 25th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.


36 thoughts on “wakaberry – Giveaway

  1. I am also more of a winter baby but I love the fact that the sun is actually already up when I get up to take the kids to school in the summer. And of course wakaberry froyo ;)

  2. I love that’s it warm enough to eat ice cream:) the endless braais with friends,the summer cocktails(let’s not forget:).Summer is just the time we are more social,Love it:)

  3. My favorite things about summer are the family braai’s ,summer concerts, all the summer markets, going to the beach, the seasonal fruits, spending time with my hubby and just relaxing.#25daysof gifts .like both pages ,shared end tweeted @MDramat

  4. My favourite thing about summer is the weekends buy the pool with family and friends. Having watermelon in the pool and tanning. Loose summer dresses and big hats ♥ im definitely more of a summer person because I love being outside.

  5. My favourite thing about summer is reading next to the pool :). My kids bigger so I can even have an afternoon nap! Discovered Wakaberry at Cavendish last night – makes a great dinner out followed by a glass of wine when you get home!! I think my kids had every flavour & at least 5 toppings! Much better than shopping!

  6. Love the pool, smell of sunscreen, walks late in the afternoon or early evening, fruit salad and ice cream, Christmas, sandals, LOVE summer!!!!!

  7. My favourite thing I absolutely love about summer is…oh wow! I cannot name one thing only as there is the sun, the beach, friends, the ice cream, playing volley ball on the beach and also taking a little swim in the sea! I love the season summer! Sun shining on all happy faces, who has of cause put sunscreen on their bodies! Christmas I believe is a perfect time to go swimming and spend some good time with friends and family, and lets not forget to have a lot of fun at the beach with all your beach gear, fun and games!

  8. Hi. I grew up in the sea and in the beach in Durban and miss it so much :) swimming in the sea has to be my fave thing about summer.

  9. I’m also more of a winter person! But some things I love about summer are spending hot days just relaxing by the pool, or at the beach with my friends, and best of alll – a hot day always calls for some wakaberry!! :D.
    I love spending the days lounging around in the sun and just relaxing and enjoying my break from school! :) and it would make my summer if I won something! :D

  10. Right now we on holiday in durban and My favourite thing about summer is the look of joy and happiness in my 2 year old’s eyes when we took him to the beach,he loves water and was so overjoyed,priceless moments.also enjoying spending quality time with family and friends :)

  11. summer is one time I definitely don’t mind spending with the family. what I absolutely love most is spending those hot days relaxing and having fun on the beach. my favourite

  12. Hmmm favorite things about summer… the smell of salty sea air first thing in the morning, bronzing by the pool with an ice cold… water in hand ;) but I think most of all… the best thing about summer are the sounds of joy, happiness and fun when you stroll down Camps Camps bay and Clifton beach, people watching and silently judging (and silently being judged)

    Summer’s prettyuch a good time to be alive and just ‘live’

  13. My favourite thing about summer is waking up to see the sun shining, hear the birds chirping, hear the leaves on the trees rustling, inhale the smell of flowers blooming, listen to the bees buzzing and feeling the fresh air and sunshine on my face.

  14. summer is a bad ass season… why? every one looks much more happier and much more relaxed, because no more worrying about jackets, flus and colds, no more dozens of blankets. the summer love is prevalent when u see the smiles on the beach, the laughter in the streets, the ice cream lines are long… wakaberry packed! no comfort food morelike melons and watermelons! <3<3 #25daysofgifts

  15. Summer loves: Family, froyo, food and fabulous times <3 xx can not walk past a Wakaberry store- its impossible, love the chocolate flavour :)!

  16. Beach, Pool, braai’s, WAKABERRY, evening storms, family, friends, Christmas, New Years, what more can one ask for? Summer is fill of fun and festivities

  17. I love summer because the festive season is in summer which means I get to spend time with family and friends around a braai next to the poolside and just have fun in the sun!

  18. My favorite thing about summer is the endless days, tanning, beach days, ice cream and as much Wakaberry as possible ♥ Summer is all for hanging with friends, partying (responsibly that is) and just endless amounts of fun, love and laughter.

  19. I love the feeling of sand between my toes, the wind in my hair and the happiness I feel when my face is buried in a bowl of Wakaberry!

  20. My favorite thing about Summer is knowing I have 3 months of holiday. To be able to wash away all the stress from the year of studying, by going to the beach spend time with family & friends and even spending some quality time with my German Shepherds. Best feeling since I don’t have time for that when studies are top priorities.

  21. I love summer holidays because I get to spend it with all the people I love like my parents, brothers and boyfriend. I’m very busy with studies through out the year and now I get to relax, camp, swim at the ocean and just be totally happy each day.
    The best part is going out for treats and sharing with my love ones. Family time is so precious.

  22. I love Wakaberry! My favourite things about summer is being able to walk on the beach and sun tanning, being able to wear my summer dresses and slops, swimming in the pool and of course… HOLIDAYS!! :D

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