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I am not at all ashamed to admit that I am 120% a Melissa Delport groupie. I’m serious, I’ve read so many fantastic books by some of my favored authors the last year alone that never ever would I have guessed that the author I’d end up stalking would be a home grown saffa! I’m not kidding you, after I read Rainfall I really thought I was done for. Actually, I still am. I’ve already commented that she better write another novel that matches up to or surpasses rainfall… no pressure…

This whole “affair” started when a twitter friend asked me if I would read and review one of her friends books, I said of course and so Melissa and I started communicating and she sent along her book (let’s just note here that this is not the reason she’s getting a good review out of me, ask anyone else that I’ve suggested her book to and they’ll agree she gets the thumbs up) for me to read and then asked if I’d mind reading the other two. So originally this started off because she wanted me to read “The Legion” which is her baby but somehow it was “Rainfall” that I ended up in love with. This is not about Rainfall though, this is about The Legacy series! I put off reading this for a while because I’m terrible like that, the moment I know I have to read something I find any excuse not to. All my school books were sparknote read cause I simply refused. Control issues, who knows.

Mel’s storytelling is refreshing, the heroin and narrator is always a strong and confident woman who knows her worth and her beauty. The Legacy series is hard to place, I’d like to say it’s a dystopian novel but it doesn’t seem to really sum it up, though that in itself seems to be a theme with her books. It’s a skop skit en donder book with a sexy lead and extra sexy back up roles. It’s set in post apocolyptic America after a nuclear attack between countries. This ruined United States is taken over by an evil (but fucking sexy) asshole who believes that the “New United States” is best run under a dictatorship. The first book revolves around how the rebels go about trying to bring down the President and all the twists and turns that Mel throws their way.

From cowboys with hot accents and modified genetics to epic romance and feisty teenagers. There’s a slight reality to the series that makes you think that the scenario laid out might actually be a possibility. Being her first book you might find the first few chapters a little difficult to really get into but you can tell how her confidence soars from there.

I want to tell you about book two but I don’t want to give the end of book one away so I’ll wait to do that. Just know this: book 1’s ending leaves you going “What the fuck?! You’re kidding me right?” and book 2… well I’ve already told her in no polite way that she best get her ass in front of her typewriter or whatever it is she uses and finishes up book 3 because I need it. NOW!

Want a copy?
Comment below and let me know where’s your favourite place to read (eg I love to sit under a tree or sometimes I pretend I’m having a bath when really I’m just sitting in the bath with a pillow and a good book)
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(Please note that this will be a kindle copy so you will need to have either a kindle OR the kindle app (free to download) on your tablet/phone/PC)

Winner will be notified VIA email on Wednesday the 25th of December. A list with all the winners will be posted on the 26th of December.

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