weinachten 2013

When I was little we used to do the gift giving thing on the morning of the 25th and have a huge lunch, this was tradition until I was about 11 I think, could have been 13 I can’t remember exact dates, then mum married a German and we started celebrating it on the 24th. This used to REALLY piss me off ’cause it made no sense and I missed all the traditions and order of things.

my familyfave gifts

I’ve started getting used to the new way (only taken me about 12 years haha) but it’s difficult with Fysh as everyone is older, my brother is going on 13 already, so the whole “santa brought the gifts” thing is difficult when everyone is thanking each other and I noticed last year that Fysh had started saying thanks to everyone as well. So this year I changed it up a bit because I really want him to still have a bit of the magic that I had around this time of year… I explained to him that Santa can’t bring all kids lots and lots of gifts and that he only brings one special gift per child so the gifts we get in the evenings are bought by the family and I got him to help pick out the gifts I got everyone. I kept telling him that I didn’t have the money to buy him thing he kept asking for (a nintendo DS) and that if he was good (bribery goes a long way) maybe Santa would bring it for him.

And yes he woke up to a nintendo with the game he’d wanted under the tree  :)
His face made sucking it up, closing my eyes and getting him one.


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