yeah yeah I’m still alive…

The only thing I’ve disliked about being on holiday so far is that I don’t have daily access to a PC and for some reason the WP app on my tablet is iffy at best so even when I post posts they generally don’t actually show up in the blogosphere. Something wordpress/android need to work on I think…

Lots has happened. Santa has come and gone, the new year is coming at us with the speed of a freight train that’s on a downhill with no breaks and I’m back to being utterly transportless. The latter which absolutely SUCKS just so by the way. I’m actually looking into getting a bike in the new year, one of those little vespa thingies. Fysh is old enough to wear a helmet now and it’s more fuel efficient anyway. But we’ll see…

So much to do and yet nothing at all. Holiday has been spent alternating between visiting my mums pool, drawing and trying to get as close to my 200 books for the year goal (almost there but sadly won’t reach it by tomorrow night). I’ve gained a few holiday kg’s but considering how much I lost this year I think that’s okay. They just better be aware that they won’t be lingering very long… their welcome officially wears off midnight tomorrow, then they best vacate and take a few friends with them cause if they don’t they are in for a world of hurt when the gym opens up again!

Best part of my holiday has been watching Fysh’s confidence in the pool/water grow. He’s always been a real little fish in the water and loves to splash about but after an accident in the bath with his uncle when he was little he’s never been happy with his head going anywhere near water at all. Washing hair and even just face used to have me fearing that the neighbours would call social services on us. Now the little minion is swimming a sort of breast stroke crossed with a chicken swimming doggy paddle kinda vibe with his head under the water. This momma is so fucking proud. Think I’ll look into sending him for swim lessons in the new year. Mum is a qualified swim instructor but she’s always refused to teach family. Even made someone else teach us!

Not much holiday left sadly. Back at work on Monday again though the logistics of how my transportless ass is going to get there still needs sorting out (bus route doesn’t go there yet) but we’ll make it work. I live about 6km from the office so I guess if push comes to shove I could run my lazy butt to work… might do said butt some good actually *ponders*

I’ll spam this little corner of the web I’ve carved out for myself with holiday photos really soon. Should have a bit more PC access this week – I hope – as there are a few winners who need emails letting them know they’ve won and so on that needs to be sent. Plus I need to put my bitch hat on with the blogger secret santa vibe as it seems there were a few naughty santas who need reprimanding.

But right now I hope you forgive my absence and lack of commitment to updating etc. I just really want to spend some time with my kid before it’s back to the grindstone…


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