for the love of books

The Blessed Barrenness and I started up #blessedcupcakebookclub early in the year when we realised we have very much similar tastes and she’s challenged me to list my top 5 books for the year. This is a little difficult seeing as I read 188 (missing my goal by 12) but here goes…

5. Chocolate lovers series – Tara Sivec
Funny as all hell! I know it’s a series but I’m counting it as one book. I laughed so hard I actually had to put my tablet down a few times cause I couldn’t see through the tears!
4. Fighting redemption – Kate McCarthy
Beautiful story about love and how much it needs to overcome, revolving around a soldier in the Australian SAS, which is apparerntly even tougher to get into than the navy seals.
3. Making faces – Amy Harmon
It’s just wow, 5 friends head off to the army and only one returns. He’s broken and scarred but the ugly duckling that had a crush on him in highschool doesn’t see him as the monster he sees himself as. The heartbreak of war, MS and being the ugly duckling.
2. The fault in our stars – John Green
This one is a hard fight for first place and comes up as a close second. It’s beautiful, it’s heartbreaking and it has some of the best quotes in it. I was stuck for a long time after reading this. Not all books have happy endings but not all of them need those to be brilliant.
1. Rainfall – Melissa Delport
Best book for me hands down and I don’t think it’s going to be easy to find a book that will top it. Already instructed the author she NEEDS to write another that matches/tops it. Though she’s really going to struggle…


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