i’m so damn hipster you should be jealous

I not only own vinyl, I own a lot of it. I have originals that were passed down to me a long time again. From Pink Floyd and Meatloaf to Nazareth, Men without hats and Eurythmics. And now that vinyl is making a comeback I even have Mumford and Sons! Next up I want Linkin Park…
(and yes I have a vinyl player but need a new one that doesn’t require an amp)

BUT that’s not it… I am now the proud owner of a 1955 Royal Royalite typewriter! And it’s in perfect working condition with a brand new ribbon in. I’m so frigging stoked. I’ve wanted one for so frigging long now. For some reason I just type better on a typewriter, story wise not realistically. Maybe now I’ll get to writing that book I’ve been saying I want to get to.

My parents think my love of vintage is absolutely hilarious though. Mom says I was most definitely born in the wrong era. Next up though I will own a polaroid camera. It’s on my list. I wants it.

1955 royal royalite



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