25 before 26 – update

So other than the stifling heat today I don’t have much to post about and I’m sort of avoiding sending all the emails I need to. Y’all can hang on until I’m back at work on Monday right? Thanks ;)

Seeing as it’s only 4 months till my birthday I thought I’d do an update on my bucket list. There are a few things on it I’ve realised I ain’t going to get around to sadly but I’ll most definitely do my best. And if anyone can help out I’d be very grateful.

1. Get a new tattoo got my new compass rose!
2. Get a job that covers all my monthly costs and then some. okay so it doesn’t quite cover the “and then some” but at least I have a job.
3. Do a delivery (a boat one, not a baby) unfortunately above mentioned job means I won’t be able to do this one.
4. Travel somewhere out of country. thank you so very much to Ford South Africa for making this one come true!!! I was able to tick off both Zambia and Botswana on my “to visit” list in July.
5. Run a marathon/race. did a race, wanted to run a marathon but um… ja that bar is a bit high right now.
6. Read 150 books. made it to 188 :) big thanks to Penguin Books SA for helping me get that far!
7. Go skydiving/bungee jumping/diving with sharks. going shark cage diving with my momma later this month wooohoooo.
8. Pass my Yachmaster exam. now just need to do the practical
9. Doodle on a pair of white shoes. actually ended up doodling on a few. become a thing. Thanks to an ordinary life who actually sent me my first pair to doodle on :)
10. Go to Jozi for Squishy’s wedding. very sad that I missed this one
11. Hike table mountain. done with an 18kg toddler on my back!
12. Buy a new camera. still got 4 months for this one right?
13. Study something. did a whole bunch of sailing courses
14. Go camping with friends for a weekend. well it wasn’t really friends, it was family but it was still camping
15. Fill at least one sketchbook. completed a few already actually
16. Go away for a weekend with Fyshness. thinking of going away with him for the weekend of my birthday as it’s a long weekend (yay me) so if you know of anywhere great that won’t break my rather pathetic budget please let me know.
17. Write a book. keep an eye out. I might just… though not sure if I’ll finish it in the 4 month cut off
18. Go on a date. yeah this was a fail of note. I don’t know how people do it, seriously don’t. so the next time the family asks when I’m going to start dating again I think ‘ll run away.
19. Learn to ride a skateboard or surf. tried to get my brother to teach me but he’s so attached to the playstation i’m surprised he’s not translucent yet.
20. Spend a day fishing with my dad. went out to laaiplek
21. Spend a day doing something special with my mum. we’re going shark cage diving this month
22. Spend a day doing something special with each of my siblings. took my brother to the movies and spent the day with my sister at my mums place and didn’t kill her (that really does count)
23.  Join a fighting gym. and loving it.
24. Get my dive certificate. once I’m back at work again I’ll phone around and see what the options are. finances are going to be the main issue with this one though so if you know someone who’s knows someone…
25. Re-string and re-learn to play my violin. haven’t gotten around to a music place. need to do that. but at the same time I’ve decided I want to buy and learn to play a cello. violin can get me used to reading music again though.

16 out of 25 isn’t too bad! here’s to finishing up the last 8 before April 28th :)

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