the mountain sings in the morning

This morning I somehow managed to get my butt out of bed and dressed by 04:30!
Last year a friend suggested we hike up to watch the sunrise and I thought yay I’m in seeing as I’ve done it before. I haven’t done it with Fysh before though but seeing as I did platteklip gorge with him I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. Yeah… about that. Turns out he’s either heavier than he was this time last year or I am a whole lot less fit than I was then.

hiking toddler

When he decided he wanted to walk for a stretch I told L and J not to wait for us and said we’d get them on the way down thinking he’d want to hike the whole thing himself which means we’d probably meet up about halfway again. 10 minutes later his legs were tired and he was strapped back into the carrier and I decided to mission up as far as possible before running into L and J coming down. For those of you who don’t know the hike: it’s a 4.27 km (from start to finish) walk/climb with an ascent of 93om. There are 2 ladders that you have to climb as well as a set of chains/rungs to climb up (the scariest part, though I think there is another route that avoids the chains)

baby wearing

We braved the ladders. And the climbing. And the chains. And we made it all the way to the top!

sunrise devils peak

lions head summit

Fysh was great and only moaned when we were stopped at the top but while we were hiking he was pointing out the crickets singing and saying it’s the mountain singing, the caves were troll caves that guard the mountain and fun stories like that. I think he was just shy when we got to the top because everyone who had passed us on the way up clapped and cheered when we made it (was a really cheesy but awesome moment).

pouty lips

If you haven’t done it before then put it on your list. It’s worth it. And if you’re unfit just remember to pack enough water and take it easy. I’d suggest going up early in the morning or on a misty day as hiking in the midday heat is no fun even if you’re marathon fit.

cloud porn


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