the government thing

Last year I decided to take on the brave task of switching from private to government psychiatry in hopes of having my medications supplied by the state as I simply can not afford to be on them and I hate that I am so bad off them that my parents pay. I know they aren’t millionaires either and have their own financial stresses so don’t like adding to it.

After two excruciating days at the various clinics I was finally able to make an appointment to see Dr Friedrichs this year. That appointment was today.

The thing about making an appointment is is that it’s supposed to mean that you don’t have to sit around and wait all day to see the Dr. Well state health facilities are enough to drive you mental if you weren’t already that far gone! I got there early, (just after 9) for my 10am appointment as thought I’d rather be there waiting than arrive late. I sat around waiting. And waiting. And then did some more waiting. Eventually 4pm rolled around and I got my appointment. By that time I was just about catatonic.

But the good news is that it seems I might be able to get all my medication from them thanks to a letter from my private psych. Even the Ritalin (we’ll find out 2pm tomorrow). Only thing that will change is that I am being taken off Zoloft and put onto Prozac instead. It’s the closest to Zoloft they have but cheaper (this is government after all) but I ask that any of you who know my writing to keep an eye on it as the risk of going blue on Prozac is very high and I’ll need to change it if I’m in the percentage that it reacts wrongly with.

Diagnosis is still the same though apparently my previous Dr made notes about BPD which essentially means that unlike bipolar which has the manic ups and downs it’s my actual personality which makes my reality and thought structure is different. Yeah… this I figured out a long time ago. Would have been nice if she’d discussed with with me though, it explains a whole lot more than the bipolar does.

Anyway. At least I got some drawing done while I was sitting around there.

goodbye friend

i added to this after the photo was taken. sometimes i wish i had wings i could wrap around myself to keep me safe


this is a mock up of a tattoo that i want on my arm over old cutting scars. still deciding if i want a swallow or a raven as the bird though. will be done watercolour like the one on my back.


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