A weekend ritual

We hiked up lions head again today!

Originally planned on going up platteklip gorge but when we got there at 04:30 we were the only ones there and decided to head to lions head instead as two women and a kid hiking up the gorge alone might not be the smartest idea.

This time round Fysh actually hiked up a good 2km’s of the 4.7km on his own. Going up I had him in the carrier till about the cave then again at the chains but the rest was all him, even the ladders. Going down though I had him in the carrier up until the first/last ladder at the bottom and then on that long boring stretch after the “stairs”.

He was SO proud of hiking up to the top by himself and he asked to do it again next weekend.

Then it was back to the aquarium. We do so love it, even if we were there for 3 hours yesterday ;)

Oh… AND we got personalised coke cans :D


2 thoughts on “A weekend ritual

  1. Well done! I want to take Mitchell up but he refused to get into the carrier when I tried one out so we would probably land up carrying him quite a bit of the way. My hubby thinks he’ll go most of the way himself but I think otherwise. We would join you guys but 4:30 is really early! Even 6 is pushing it for me and Mitchell!

    • Yeah I carry Fysh up till about just passed the stairs, by that time he’s started waking up and wants to walk on his own. It’s slow going with him but I love that he’s so into it. When I woke him up for school today he mumbled “are we going hiking?” later on in the day is simply too hot. in winter we’ll be able to do it a bit later than 4am

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