print isn’t dead

When was the last time you actually had a photo printed? And no your drivers or visa photos do not count. Yeah… I thought so.
You’re not alone though. I couldn’t actually tell you the last time I went and had any printed either and that’s a little sad don’t you think?

Facebook, instagram, wordpress, tumblr, flickr… whichever platform you favour has taken the place of a photo album, I’m guilty of this as well. Instagram is my addiction when it comes to recording moments and even just random kak. But who wants to whip out their phone every time they want to show someone photos, sure it’s handy when you’re out and about but I miss being able to visit someone and go through all the photos on their wall. Maybe I’m just weird like that though.

I found 250gram, a little local company who actually print your instagram photos for you! I had 20 printed as a tester and thought I had to let you all know about them. They really are worth checking out. Their website is really easy to navigate, you simply log in to your instagram account via it then select the photos you want and place your order. Voila! Your stunning and high quality order is at your door within a week. At R4 a photo they’re not too pricey which is great as you’d think something like this would cost an arm and a leg. It still means I’ll be purchasing pay check to pay check but at least I’ll be getting my photos!


What I also ADORE is that they come printed looking like polaroid pictures (although a friend had hers done as plain squares but I didn’t notice that option) which solves my problem of searching for a polaroid camera. This to me is kinda like having a digital polaroid camera, if that makes any sense. I’ve decided that I’m going to do up an entire wall with my instagram prints. Think it will look stunning. And if no one else thinks so then don’t come visit me, easy as that ;)


Oh, and they have this neat thing where you can make up a unique hashtag for an event and get your guests to use it when they instagram their photos then they will print all the photos associated with that hashtag for you! Thinking of doing this for Fysh’s little gentleman party this year as it is his FIFTH birthday this year after all…

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this post and bought the photos myself. I just thought I’d share a really grate concept  and company with you.


6 thoughts on “print isn’t dead

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful post & kind words – we are so thrilled you love the 250gram concept and your prints! PS we used to print in the square format but now we’re only writing Polaroids :)

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