dear kid on the corner

Now listen up and listen close because I’m only going to say this once you little shit.
You’re what, maybe 13 at the most? And you’re standing on the corner begging for money. Not food, not cooldrink or water, specifically money. Maybe you’re there because your parents force you to in which case that reflects on their inability to parent or perhaps they’re still from the generation that believes they are owed something. Regardless of that, you have a choice.

You can choose to stand there or you can stand up for yourself and make a decision. You should be in school and thankfully for you there is the option of not actually having to pay school fees unlike the most of us. There are homes that would take you in and make sure you don’t ever stand on that corner again, that would feed you and clothe you and give you a proper education.

But instead you’ve chosen to give up any possibility of a bright future; you’ve decided that you would rather stand there like everyone owes you something and perhaps I would have pity on you if you did not threaten to kill me when I said no to your begging because I refuse to condone and encourage it. You my dear boy are most likely going to be another sad case pushing up the crime statistics in our country and that right there. That is devastating.

These views are mine after an incident this morning. You might have your own opinions that differ from mine and that’s great for you, but don’t bad mouth me just because we think differently. Maybe rather look at our country and why our government rather spends money on “fire pools” instead of getting the kids off the corners and bettering the shitty education system that is currently in place.


2 thoughts on “dear kid on the corner

  1. I do feel sorry for that kid, because his life must have been shit. People who grow up in happy, loving homes don’t act like that. I blame the government, and I blame his parents, and I blame his parents’ parents.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t give him shit. You can’t help him by throwing money at him and giving in to his demands.

  2. I bounce between emotions on this – one day I agree with you and then I hear real life stories and it’s not as easy as just “leave” for some of these kids.

    It’s a messed up situation with no quick and easy solution unfortunately.

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