i found heaven!

Vegan heaven!
Well okay, to me it felt like it. If heaven existed this is what mine would be like.

Boss man is forever heading off to the market and getting fruit and veg at better prices, I mentioned that I want to go one day but have no idea where it is so when he went through to go get stuff at lunch time I tagged along.

I thought our fruit and veg was paradise… this place. Oh my word. I was almost run over by a fork lift as I stood their gaping like an idiot. Think of a kid in a candy store’s happiness and times it by the excitement of a kid on xmas day… now duplicate that!epping market

There’s a market outside all along gunners circle with people selling goods that they bought from the warehouse so if you don’t particularly want a giant box of naartjies or 12 mangoes at a time then I’d suggest browsing along there, obviously they mark up the prices  a bit to make a little profit. But at Golden Harvest you can get your goods in bulk which is great if you’re going to share it with family or friends. Or of course if you’re a vegan and your diet is based on mostly fruits and vegetables like mine.

The haul ended up being (all in boxes, punnets or bags, see photo) – Mangoes, nectarines, naartjies, cling peaches (under the nectarines) melons, carrots, and sweet potato. And all that came to R600 which might sound like a lot but take into consideration what this haul would cost you at your local store… yeah, exactly!fruits and vegetables

I’ve decided that next month I am going to take a Friday off work and keep Fysh out of school. We’re going to go to the market (but the outside one) and wander through it, I think he’d love it and he loves getting to pick out his own fruits and vegetables. Yes you’re allowed to be jealous…. my kid eats fruits and veg. Without being forced or bribed *sniggers*


5 thoughts on “i found heaven!

  1. Ahhhhh brings back memories…one of my very first jobs was delivering veggies to restaurants in the South Peninsula…I check in at Golden Harvest at 4:30am twice a week. A great bunch of guys, and really looked after the 19 year old girl!

  2. Probably one of the most important things a parent can do for a child- make sure they grow up loving the fresh stuff, in favour of junk food. Imho it’s higher up on the scale of things than religion. (I realise some people might be cross with me for saying that, but, hey, we’re all different, right?!)

    • I completely agree though. I don’t force him to eat it and even though I’m vegan I let him have whatever he wants. He simply chooses to enjoy veg over meat most of the time and I aint going to complain about that :)
      Last night we made pizza and he wanted mushroom, olives and banana on it.

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