my dietary history

There have been a few people asking me about why I went vegan so I thought I’d tell you…

When I was 11 I decided to become a vegetarian, most likely because I was in a boarding school and the meat etc that they served was inedible at best. Mum them didn’t really realise it seeing as we were only there during the holidays and with my stepdad braaing so much it was always easy to just toss the meat at the dogs (or my pet seagull) but they started noticing eventually and decided it was just a phase. Well my “phase” lasted me until I was 20.

Then I met the biodad and got knocked up and well, his manipulations and so on are a whole story on their own but the bottom line is I started eating meat again. So from 20 till 23 I was a meat eater and I put on A LOT of weight. I went to a biofeedback practitioner and apparently my body prefers a more plant based diet as it doesn’t really know how to deal with the proteins and so on in flesh. In my 24th year I was sort of a vegetarian, well not really. A bad one if you will. For the most part I tried only my fruits and veg but come on… you can’t fault me for eating chicken wings or steak on the braai *salivates*

But during this time I noticed that my moods were very erratic. Even when I was on medication.

January 7th 2013 my mum and I decided enough was enough, we didn’t like what we were seeing and we most certainly did not like what the scale was shouting at us so we made a pact to shed some weight. I decided that if I was going to do this I was going to do it properly so I went vegan. Full on no animal products, no meat, no eggs, no milk or cheese or anything of the sorts. Nada. Nothing!

I did really well and combined with my boxing and muay thai even my moods were doing better un medicated but that was up until about November-ish when I fractured a few bones my foot at boxing and couldn’t go till it healed up. I became despondent and just bleh. Started eating a piece of steak here and a chicken wing there but it would always make me feel really sick afterwards and I started eating less and less of it again for the simple fact that it made me feel kak. Right after xmas I decided I’m over it. I had a piece of gammon on my plate I think and realised I wasn’t enjoying it at all. Eggs smell funny and I’ve never really been able to drink milk anyway as I was a soy baby and over time I have noticed that milk tends to make me emotional/hormonal.

So here we are, now you know my back story…

I’m 110% back on the vegan track and loving it. I’m feeling better, my meds are settling easier and I’m just feeling lighter in general. I’m not going to lie though, it’s not like it’s cured me or anything I mean I’m still on my medication and now know better than to go off them just because I feel like I’m doing good (every bipolar persons downfall). I’m also exercising more, hiking every weekend so lots of fresh air and have joined a 12 week fat to fit challenge that I’ll tell you all about after my first weigh in on Saturday.

I have another post drafted about what it’s actually like being a vegan and answering some of the more common questions like “but how do you get protein” and “really? Not even bread?” and so on. So if you have any questions you’d like answered just leave a comment and I’ll add it to the next post ♥


3 thoughts on “my dietary history

  1. Good for you! I’ve been vegan for a bit over a year and I just love it. I feel better and have the comfort of knowing what I’m eating doesn’t hurt any animals. Hope everything continues to go well! (And not too many people bombard you with “but how do you get protein?”)

  2. I never thought I would be vegan or even vegetarian when I grew up :D I hardly ever ate vegetables. It’s amazing how dating a vegan will make you try things your mom could never get you to eat.

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