today. was. epic. #thatisall

Just a REALLY short post so you know I haven’t run away… Well, not yet anyway ;)

Today we woke up at 03:0 to hike lions head. My mum came with us on this one and I swear never again because the moment granny is around momma can do no right at all.

After the hike he went with granny and I stayed in town cause of the CPTBloggerMeet. Did dads shopping, washing and did the whole shower/beautify thing. All that by 09:15 so when Lauren said she’d be there at 10:30 to start setting up I jumped in to help as I was getting bored.

As for the blogger meet… Most of you have probably seen a few pics up on instagram already but when Lauren sends me photos (cause I forgot my camera at home) I’ll do a proper post cause it really needs one. Ditto the place we had it at!

Hard to believe but after hiking a mountain and swimming ALL DAY the minion only passed out at 19:30. If I could bottle and sell his energy I’d never have to work again!!!


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