dear summer please GO AWAY!

I’M MELTING! Or at least I’m dehydrating anyway.
You know you aren’t supposed to consume more than 5litres of water in one day (unless you’re doing some extremely intense training) else you run the risk of water intoxication (yes it’s a real thing) and yesterday and today I swear I am near risking it. I had 5 litres yesterday and at 10 minutes to noon I’d already had 2litres. Apparently your kidneys can only process about a litre an hour… well I guess I’m safe then right? I hope.

On 5fm this morning they said it will be 29degrees. This is NOT 29!!! Yesterday it was well into the 30’s and I’m sure it is today again. But they aren’t classing it as a heat wave yet. Mean people! Last night my house mate even brought me a fan cause she took pity on me (the ceiling fan and light in my room keeps tripping the electricity for some reason so I can’t use it) and I braved the ridiculous eskom bill (considering I owe them so much already what’s the damn difference) and slept with it on all night. If it weren’t for the neighbors dog who barks and cries consistently ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT I would have actually slept well for a change.

Bring on autumn so I can wear crocheted owl beanies and boots and awesome scarves.
Bring on the golden falling leaves and the puddles to jump in.
Bring on the colder weather.

Can you tell I’m not a summer child?


5 thoughts on “dear summer please GO AWAY!

  1. I know just how you are feeling. The temperature here on the Gold Coast in Australia has been 38 and throw in humidity it is over 40. Melbourne and Adelaide last week were 45 plus. I hate the heat. Never will enjoy it and will always wish to live in an Igloo. I was not born for tropical environments. The Air conditioner is going permanently. Watch the water. You can actually kill yourself with too much water.

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