i have a question…

Most of you know the issue I’m having with insurance not paying for the 17k damages to my car as well as the fact that according to the bank I don’t earn enough to qualify for a personal loan (seriously?! that’s why I frigging applied you twats!) You’ll also know that I hate asking for help and I am no charity case.

BUT (yes there is always a but…) if I had to do up a years calendar (each month different and your birthday month personalised) for you to download and print would you be willing to “make a donation”? I don’t care if it’s just R5, as every rand helps towards my car.

I did up an example (put it down below)and the reaction on my facebook page was pretty good so I thought I’d put it out there and see if anyone else would be interested/willing.
If this is far too forward then, well tough I guess. You all know how blunt I am. No point in beating around the damned bush (unless there are spiders in it, then run far far away) I need to figure out a way to pay for my car and at least this way I don’t feel like I’m just taking charity or pity.

Make sense?
Well it does to me. I think.

cupcakemummy february calendar

Anyway, I know you can download free calendars all over the internet but if you’re interested please send me an email: me(@)cupcakemummy(.)com – so far I’ve only doodled up the one month but I’ll finish up the others (not the personalised ones though as will do that according to who wants) over the weekend so they’ll be ready by next week. Also happy to print and bind them and post them to you but obviously those I can’t do on simple donations as I’d need to cover the printing costs.

Thanks for reading my sob little story x


9 thoughts on “i have a question…

  1. If you could do a year planner design for me it would be a total winner and I would glady donate :). Yes I have to be difficult AND different but I like to see the whole year at a glance.

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