oh for the love of washitape!

Heard about washitape yet?
You haven’t?! Where do you live, under a rock?!

No I kid, up until I received my secret santa gift last year I didn’t really know what all the fuss was about either. Needless to say I now own several rolls and all my gifts tend to be wrapped up in brown paper and washitape :P So I decided to see if there was cupcake printed tape (oh I wonder why?) and found a company that actually stocks it!

Enter washibug!!!

They’re an awesome little online washitape company that stocks a HUGE range of different designs (there goes my budget… if I had one!)
There is also a competition happening on their site where you can enter your own design and stand the chance of having it made into tape. Yes I am going to go and doodle up something to enter so keep an eye out… if I win you better go and buy yourself some ;)

Oh and by the way… one of you can win these two rolls of cupcake tape even though I *really* want to keep them for myself I shall be kind and part with them…


All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know what you’d use it for… come on and get creative (but *try* keep it PG)
Give em a little love on any of their SM: facebook | twitter | instagram | pinterest < also a nice way to get a little inspiration for the comment you need to leave :)

Will email the winner next Monday (3 February 2014)
Now go get entering!


17 thoughts on “oh for the love of washitape!

  1. Looks awesome!! I could use them for several things but one would probably end up doing is the following: seeing that the pics on then are so cool I would cut then up and use them for counting or as reward pics for the autistic boy I work with. Might just have to go buy some now ;)

  2. Washitape is sooo cute don’t own any at the moment.Would use it to cover my work files, make personalised bookmarks for friends and literally make my world prettier.I am kinda cupcake obessessed so this is defo up my alley fingers crossed for a win! Ps am sure you will win you are so talented :)
    Regards Verushka Ramasami

  3. Let’s see hmmmmm? I feel tempted to use it to tie up all my friends who are in relationships on Valentines Day, and subject them to spending Valentines day with me (trust me you might nod off! #singlelifesux ). Washi tape would be super pretty to tie up their hands and gag them and then I could take a pretty pic and post it on my blog with creative ways to use WASHI TAPE. p.s. don’t laugh you’ll have to be my co-conspirator and we can use Fysh as the cute bait …tee hee *the mind wanders* ..only jokes though :)

  4. I was just wondering over the weekend where on earth to find this stuff!
    I would use it to wrap knitted (and other) goods into parcels – some that are gifts, some that are items I’ve sold and so on.

  5. Oh la la…I (heart) washi tape so much!!!! If I win this washi tape of yours, I will get my “craft” on and washi tape everything in sight ;) I really would like to try to Washi Tape a Phone Cover or even candles. I have so many ideas for the uses of washi tape but mine does involve tying people up etc ;) Fingers crossed. xxx

  6. You can make pretty “band aids”, use it to mark wine glasses at parties, use as bookmarks (just fold it over onto itself), labelling cheeses at a party, making cupcake toppers (on a toothpick), making mini bunting, decorating candle holders, decorating paper cups (for kids parties), decorating gifts, making gift cards or simply shutting up your screaming four year old who then magically goes into a fit of laughter….you gotta love the Washi

  7. Ooooooooo!

    My next washi activity is to make a photo holder for my family photo wall using washi tape to decorate oversized wooden pegs which then get used on a “washing line” made from bakers twine in a matching colour.

  8. Oh, these are so cute. I think they’d be perfect to decorate homemade food gifts with. I also entered the tape design competition :)

  9. I have never used Washi tape before but I’ve heard so many great things about it. If i win, I would use it to decorate my phone cover with, or cover my laptop keys with (the letters and numbers are all wearing off!), outline my picture frames with, line my desk edges, decorate jars, spice up my plain notebooks, use them as nail stickers.. there’s so many endless possibilities!

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