fat to fit – week 2

Right, so you know I’m on the A New Weigh Fat to Fit 12 week challenge and last weekend was my very first weigh in which makes this past weekend my second weigh in. I meant to post it after I weighed – even though I was away I still weighed as the friend I was with is a herbalife coach thingum so she had a scale with – but I got sidetracked by all the fun and time with my minion when it came to actually doing the post.

So here is week 2’s update…

Things I’ve noticed are that my skin is much clearer, my metabolism seems to have picked up and my sleep is starting to regulate (which is something I’ve always struggled with) and my energy levels are okay. I can’t say that if it’s affected my moods at all, perhaps it has and that’s why even though I’m on such a low dose of Prozac I’ve been able to cope some.

My weight-loss this week was a little disappointing but I’m going to blame it on the fact that mother nature decided to remind me I’m a lady the day right before weigh in… jealous bitch. So I’m only down 0.95kg (she couldn’t even let it be a full kg!) BUT on the other hand I am down yet another 28cm!!! So as my “coach” and “team” said: Screw the kg’s that cm loss is epic!

That brings my total loss while being on the challenge to: 3.25kg’s and 50cm’s

I also decided to troll through my blog and find my stats from last year when I started this whole journey to health and the results are both nauseating and happy dance worthy.
Since January 7th 2013 I have gotten rid of 17.7kg and 91cm!
My BMI has gone from 31.98 (obese class 1) to 25.28 (overweight) – I’m .28 shy of being back in the normal/healthy weight category!!!

When I look at it like that… yeah. Am sure you can sort of understand how I’m feeling.

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