hey you! yes you. you are beautiful

We’re all full of insecurities, we can all point out at least one thing that we don’t like about how we look and I’m pretty sure that most models feel the same way. I know that I have several things I want to change. I’m going to share them with you and then explain something.

If I could change how I look:

  • I’d want longer hair
  • Smaller boobs
  • A slimmer waist and longer legs
  • Stronger cheek bones
  • A less round face and clearer skin
  • No double chins
  • I’d probably get rid of the “map” on my stomach left over from being pregnant
  • Thinner arms

See how many faults I can find in myself?

But the thing is that I don’t need to change me. I’m losing weight yes which will change a few of those things that I dislike about myself but people have commented on how great my hair looks at its current length and wavy-ness, how they wish they had my legs or my boobs. But the one thing that no one has ever done? They’ve never picked out the flaws I think I have, instead they’ve commented on them positively or complimented other features I never thought were really outstanding.

The media sets certain standards for the definition of beauty and we let them. We let them dictate what it means and letting them get away with it simply fuels them to continue to do so. Remember those adverts back in the 50’s where they advertised things that helped you put on weight or have a bigger behind? Remember how huge the hair was? Remember Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly? Have you seen Miranda Lambert, Adele or Penelope Cruz? None of them are a size 0 and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Why? Simply because they are confident, because they don’t care if they’re a size 6 or a size 12. 

And this goes for men as well. Women aren’t the only ones with self confidence or body issues. 

Blessed Barrenness and I declared the 1st of November to be #nofilterday and the funny thing is that those first thing in the morning selfies? Those real ones that show ourselves before all the primping and trying to hide what we don’t like? Those got the most comments… positive ones.

So take a moment.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Believe it.


9 thoughts on “hey you! yes you. you are beautiful

  1. Awesome post!!!! Every girl, lady, mom, granny, daughter and sister need to read this :) We are all beautiful for many different reasons and we need to embrace them! Thank you again for being honest and sharing with us why you are beautiful! xxx

  2. Great post! Yeap, us models have plenty of things we don’t like about our bodies too. Perception is key. For me – external beauty is more about radiating confidence and love from a happy, healthy self. In turn, making everyone around you feel beautiful too.

  3. Great post. When I look back at myself as a teenager/younger woman (I’m 52 now), I cannot believe I was so critical of myself! I think I was perfectly nice (heh), but all I did was focus on what I perceived to be huge flaws. I’ve accepted the ‘flaws’ now, and have decided the positive things outweigh them — but, boy, this acceptance thing has been a long time coming! I hope you younger women get it right sooner than I did :-)

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