forever & always – book review

I was sent this book by the beautiful author herself and after enjoying so many of her other books I didn’t think twice when asked to do a read/review on it. It took my a while to read but it was in no way the books fault, simply no time to keep up with my #bookwhore status right now.

Forever and Always isn’t your normal YA novel and it takes the other books of her’s that I have read to a whole new level. It’s raw, emotional, gripping and a little controversial.

The beginning is slow in a way that sets the entire scene and builds you up for what’s to come. Caden and Ever meet at a summer art camp when they’re in their early teens and even though they only spend a few short and quiet moments together painting and talking they become pen pals.

As they grow so do their letters and they share their lives with each other as one would with a diary. A love so deep and strong grows between them without them even realizing it until they meet up again in the future. Every soul has a mate, it’s other half, and some people are simply lucky enough to find theirs in their life time.

I think one of the reasons I really enjoyed this was because I have a friend like that. We met back in high school but only spent a week or so becoming friends before he moved, 10 years down the line and we still email and write and tell each other everything as often as we can.

I won’t say more though, I’m afraid I’ll give away the ending but just note: there are some very explicit and detailed scenes in it and you need to make sure you have book 2 handy because the end of Forever and Always will have you in tears and desperate to know what’s next. My heart is breaking and I need to go read After Forever now.


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