fat to fit – week 3

Before I start with this update – I’ve seen a few people on twitter and facebook bitch about everyone going on and on about the diets they’re on etc. So if you’re feeling the same way then suck it up jealous person just a heads up that you might want to give my blog a skip on a Monday for the next 9 weeks because I will be posting about each weigh in I did on the Sunday.

Without further adieu, here’s my week 3 update…

I was feeling rather despondent yesterday but I think it was mainly because I was really tired and also had to say goodbye to a friend at the airport whom I only get to see one weekend a year (and I loathe goodbye’s) because there was a loss. Not a huge one but the main thing is that I haven’t gained and I take photos every week then put them side by side the one I took when I started and I can see a difference. Slight but it’s there (and no you don’t get to see them yet, plus I take them in my underwear hahaha).

week 3 weigh in

That brings my total loss since starting F2F on January 11th to –  4.1kilograms and 42.5cm!!!

Tonight I’m finally back at gym again and I’m so frigging excited, I’ve missed it so much and I’m hoping it will help for much better progress photos. But I think Fysh might be even more excited than I am in all honesty, he adores it there which makes me really happy :)

side note: I think I might have gotten the wrong measurements last week because I didn’t have a measuring tape on me so used a string and a ruler as a substitute (remind me not to do that again) so when I took down the measurements yesterday I put them against week 1’s weigh in instead of week 2’s weigh in. 


8 thoughts on “fat to fit – week 3

  1. You know, I’ve also seen the bitchy comments and to be honest, I feel like a lot of it was directed at me because of my choice to follow lchf but whatever, my ass is smaller than it was 3 weeks ago and their’s isn’t to na..na..nana..na!
    And well done, a loss is a loss, you’re still closer to your goal than you were a week ago!

    • i say follow whatever eating plan bests agrees with your body, you’ve found that LCHF works for you were as that would make me gain 50 pounds but the vegan thing works well for me again. so like i said, they’re just jealous that we’ll be confident on the beach next summer ;)

      • Exactly Babe! The proof is in the pudding and we’ll see who has the last laugh. As long as the weight comes off, I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business as to how we chose to do it!

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