the weekend in photos…

– pitched up to work wearing two different shoes (one doodled on and one not) and when the boss pointed it out I asked if it looked funny and his response was “on you? no.” < good answer Mr bossman!
– then got off work for a few hours to go and have my hair cut and coloured, groupon voucher/gift from one of my momma’s friends who wasn’t able to claim it before it expired that day.
– missioned straight to the airport after work to go fetch one of my bestest friendlings!


IMG_20140131_130235S A T U R D A Y
– our ritual of hiking up lions head on a saturday morning wasn’t deterred by the thick mist and rain although we only made it up to the big tree with the smooth roots as everything from there up is pretty much pure climbing and i slipped twice with Fysh on my back getting that far up so wasn’t going to chance going all the way to the top.
– spent the morning in kirstenbosch gardens, Fysh and M went frog hunting so I got some quiet time to just listen to the trees (and take selfies haha)
– Fysh slept over at granny so that M and I could go our annual night out (he’s only here once a year) with the Frost brothers. I got to get all dressed up and then I realised we’re going to the shack… not really a place you dress up to but oh well, was fun and we only got back home around 3am.






– a rather sad day… after crawling into bed around 3am and talking till well after 4am we had to be up at 7am again to take M to the airport so he could catch his 9am flight… needless to say neither of us were looking our best chirpy selves but at least he didn’t miss his flight. I loathe dropping people off at the airport though, much prefer fetching them.
– my 3rd weigh in and mom spoiled me with an amazing vegan recipe book that is all about making things without cooking them!
– Fysh has been asking for fishies for months now so I took a slow walk to the petshop while he was swimming, got myself a beautiful siamese fighter fish for my desk at the office and got him a few guppies to put in the room.





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