be someone’s “keep going” person

The weekend a very good friend played a song for me by The Kid President and said that the song reminds him of me and that I am his “Keep Going” person. That I’m one of the reasons he’s still around, that my courage and encouragement inspires him to keep going. Yeah… it was really hard not to cry in front of him.

It’s beautiful and I can’t not share it because there is so much truth in it, he’s not just a little kid. Go read up on him, he has a rare disease where his bones are like glass and most kids with it don’t live beyond the age of 15 but instead of sitting around and waiting to die he’s accepted it and decided that he’s going to make a change and inspire as many people as he can while he’s still here to do so. He’s got more insight then most adults.

Be someone’s keep going person xxx

And I loved this as well… 20 things we should say more often.

What will be your spacejam? What will you do to make the world more awesome?


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