it’s that time of the month again

No not *that* time… It’s clinic day again (has it really been a month already?!) which means a full day of sitting around waiting to go in. Last time I had an appointment booked for 10am and only ended up seeing my psych at 4pm. Yes it was a long ass draining day. But this time I am seeing a specialist (even more specialised than my psych) and I don’t have an appointment time, was just told to be there from 12 and then he’ll see us in whatever order he decides on.

I predict another really REALLY long day. This coupled with the 3 hours sleep I got in last night (my insomnia was BAD) I suspect this is going to be even more draining than the last. But I suppose I can’t really complain, his session are R2500 and upwards and there is usually a 6 month waiting list but somehow I managed to get put on the list for only a month waiting. Plus my taxes are paying for the session as well as all my medication.

I’ve packed in enough fruit and water to get me through the day as well as all my art supplies, an mp3 player with a full battery, headphones and a fully charged tablet. Only thing I forgot to pack was a pillow (those wooden benches aren’t exactly comfortable and we’re not allowed to sit on the floor). At least I’ll be getting a whole lot of illustration done right? Got the personalised parts of those calendars to finish up as tomorrow they get mailed out! Both excited and nervous about them.

Also, I’m extremely grateful that I have a boss who let’s me take off the time I need to go sit at the clinic and doesn’t make me put in for unpaid leave every time.


5 thoughts on “it’s that time of the month again

    • I was like that the first time. thankfully i always have my tablet with me so i at least had books to read but now that i know what it’s like i pack a bag the evening before and put it in the car so that i know it’s ready. simply too many smells and sensory things that go on in a gov clinic so need to be able to escape into my own little bubble

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