our first #BWB breakfast

#BWB meetAfter realising how cut-throat, overly competitive and downright nasty the blogging “community” can be Heather from Femme Lifestyle sat back and watched a little from the sidelines trying to gauge who the supportive bloggers are who think freebies are just a bonus and who’s first reaction is “what do I get out of it?”

And thus the #BWB was born! A community of selected bloggers who share the same ideas and values, it’s not an “elite” group and in no way meant to make anyone feel like they’re not good enough to be a part of it despite it being by invite only. I point this out because after posting a photo on instagram of the lovely little goodie bag that Heather had put together for us (which a few of us personally contributed to) there were some rather nasty/spiteful comments made on it. Those comments are the exact reason the #BWB came to play.

We are a community after all. We should stand together instead of be envious, we should support and encourage. No one blogger is the be all and end all of the blogging world.

The morning was a lovely one and there was never a lull in the conversation though that might be partly my fault seeing as I either ramble too much when I’m nervous or I’m completely silent. But what was really great was that the beautiful souls there acknowledged that it was hard for me and thanked me for coming regardless.

Fysh and CupcakeFysh tagged along and because it’s not a vegan friendly place he had my pancakes but by the time everyone else’s breakfast arrived he was hungry again (typical) so each of the ladies offered up a little something from their breakfasts to make up a small plate for him which he finished as well and for which I’m so very thankful for. He also really wanted to go upstairs so one of the waiters took him up and entertained him while I was chatting to the ladies and filling out our “blog buddy” cards. Brownie points to the friendly staff at The Bromwell and a proud momma moment for him being so well behaved.

I didn’t get round to taking a photo of everything that was in the bag before my momma raided it saying “you don’t use this, or this, or this” which I really don’t mind considering she does so much for me and usually watches Fysh when I go to any events or just need some “me time” so you can go have a look at Femme Lifestyle’s post on the event.


3 thoughts on “our first #BWB breakfast

    • “bloggers who bless” sounds a bit religious i know (and have mentioned it to Heather hahaha) but it’s really just about bloggers who bless each other with support and encouragement

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