you are…

It’s come to my attention that quite a few of you seem to need a little bit of encouragement and kind words reminding you that you are stronger, smarter and more worthy than you allow yourself to believe.

So take a minute to read what I have to say to you today…

Remember that

You are WORTHY
Don’t doubt it

You are SMART
Believe it

Just the way you are

You are TOUGH
Don’t underestimate yourself

Don’t forget it

Believe what you just read because it really is true. I’m thinking of turning this into a little illustrated series because I know just how much words can affect you and a little positive affirmation is never an unwanted thing.

And last but not least, here are a few lyrics from a song from Dia Frampton that I like to listen to when I’m having a “black” day…

Don’t kick the chair
It’s gonna get better
Don’t kick the chair
It can only get better

Yep yep you know
If I can make it through then you can to
Yep yep I’m good, focused like always
Feels like I’ve been hit hit hit by ten brick walls
Some people like just sit sit around and wait for you to fall
Then bounce back way quicker than you fell down
Laugh in their face like what
See nothing can break me

No no no no listen
If you gotta think twice about life,
Something really ain’t right
You don’t need no help,
You can be better all by yourself
You can be better all by yourself
You can be better all by yourself
You can be better all by yourself


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