happy hearts day

I’m not the biggest fan of today but not because”I don’t have someone” more because I dislike how these holidays are exploited so the rich get richer and everyone is guilt tripped and brain washed into purchasing cheesy bears, confectionaries and overpriced flowers. To me you shouldn’t show you care only once a year or need to be reminded to show loved ones you appreciate them. Giving someone a flower even if it’s out the garden “just because” means a whole lot more than getting a bunch of store bought ones today.

Another mini rant i had today was about one of the #25daysofgifts sponsors because of how they were tasting the winner and getting a nasty message in response. People seem to think that bloggers are inconsequential but they don’t realise how tough it is and how much it means to us even if we don’t make money from it. It’s cut throat and we have to work hard to be noticed and make PR contacts. When a “sponsor” makes an upset with a winner it reflects just as badly on the blogger and that really sucks. But anyway…

Despite my standings on the day and my rant my minion was my valentine today and it was actually pretty enjoyable.

I fetched him from school a bit earlier and he came out proudly holding some of my favourite school art yet!wpid-IMG_20140214_144350.jpg

Then we went to visit his granny’s swimming pool. I haven’t been in that pool for a good few years but I braved putting on my bikini today and actually swam with him. He was ecstatic!



I planned on making waffles for dinner with the NoMU baking kit we got yesterday but he’s decided he rather just wants to cuddle while watching scooby doo and  eat the biscuits he made at school today. Who am I to argue with that :)


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