fat to fit – week 5

We pretty much lived in the pool this weekend thanks to the mini heat wave cape town is suffering at the moment but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for Fysh, he’s always in the pool regardless of the weather, I on the other hand haven’t been in the pool for almost 2 years now simply because that would mean getting close to naked around other people. Even if said other people are my family.

I can’t describe the look of delight on Fysh’s face when he realised that I was going to swim with him on Friday after work! He had a lot to say about my bikini, mostly that he thinks it’s very pretty then he fondled my boobs and asked why it looks like a bra hahahahaha *cringe*. Saturday and Sunday morning were both started off with a happy sleepy Fysh saying “you may even hold me all the way to the deep side without a noodle today momma” (meaning that he wants me to swim with him again)

The things that being on this challenge has done for me… I know I thank A New Weigh every week but it’s because it’s really done more than simply help me lose weight. The fact that I was brave enough to buy a bikini was just the start cause on Saturday, well on Saturday we had the gopro and were snapping up some fun photos, I tried to get one of Fysh and I while we were in the deep end from under the water up to our faces and cause you can’t exactly see or preview your photos on the gopro the photo ended up being one of us from about neck to mid thigh instead and I actually instagrammed the photo (even though I won’t go walking around the beach in it till the wobbly bits don’t wobble anymore) which took a whole lot of guts.


I’m sure that I could have accomplished all this on my own but the reality is that sometimes taking part in a challenge like this is the kick A that you need to keep going. When I hit that plateau last year I became so despondent that I was ready to just give up despite already being down 10kg’s and I can see on friends blogs who are taking part in their own challenges and lifestyle changes that I’m not the only one who is affected negatively by a plateau either (keep going ladies. Just keep going!) but the thing is that A New Weigh hasn’t been like just any challenge or diet or anything that I’ve looked into in the past. What sets this one out from all the rest for me is the constant encouragement and support from my coach. That little whatsapp group might sound insignificant but it’s been the make or break for me!

5 weeks down and another 7 to go! We’re almost at the halfway mark now people!!!


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