shine bright little light

No, sadly my absence is not because I’ve been swept off my feet by prince charming and his limitless health, wealth and love or kidnapped by Russian mafia because it turns out I’m some long lost royalty and neither the BAU nor the NCIS have recruited me to work for them.

Although the last two are pretty damn close to why I’ve been so quiet… I have a new job! Well job(S) actually but let’s start at the beginning cause I’ve kept this rather hush hush so I’m sure you’re rather confused right now.

Last year I left my amazing job at Amazon because the hours were having a negative effect on Fysh so when my stepdad said he needed help at his company and he’d match my then salary so that I could quit and work normal hours I agreed. He’s a tough man to work with but he ain’t all that bad. Last Thursday I got a call from my dads boss at the sailing school asking if I knew of anyone looking for work. I asked what the position and salary were…

I am officially an employee of Ocean Star Sailing Academy!!! Oh boy those instructors and students don’t know what they’re in for… the person I’m replacing was great at her job but she was clueless when it came to boats so the guys there used to get away with far too much… sorry for them but this wench knows her catamarans from her L36’s.

The job pays a bit more than what the office job did and I only need to be in the office 2/3 days a week which means that when a friends mom asked me earlier if I could be “on call” as an in house designer for their company with a small basic I jumped and said hells yes! Two jobs where I only have to be in the office a few days a week means I can balance between the two easily. Neither of them are office bound with set hours which you can imagine makes this barefoot hippy EXTREMELY happy (no more drilling and grinding and welding noises or small confined office spaces to put up with).

There is still a lot of shit that I’m needing to deal with but I feel like this #100happydays project that I’m taking part in has really helped me focus less on the crap and more on the positives no matter how big or how small and it seems almost like the shitty times and things don’t stick around for as long or come around as frequently. It might be a mind over matter thing but I think I like it.

Here’s to the future.
It’s looking a little brighter every day.


11 thoughts on “shine bright little light

  1. Awesome! You are so lucky, that all sounds right up your alley! You still doing MMA at the same gym? I have been toying with the idea (again) of giving up my gym contract and going to do MMA instead. We had a situation recently where I felt I could have benefited from some martial arts! What days and times do you go? I presume you will be able to go more often again now.

    • thank you, so very grateful for the opportunities given. been working really hard to try and get to this moment.
      Yup still at the same gym and soon soon i’ll be able to go to the morning classes again as well! can’t wait!
      At the moment i’m there monday to thursday 7pm to 8pm :) come join, it really is worth it!

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