sick minions and pretty packages

i got a call from the school instructing me to fetch the minion as he’s sickies (wet cough and a slight fever) and am thankful that the job/s i have now are the kind where it’s okay for me to leave and go fetch him.


after stopping at clicks for his “get well” goodies i missioned off to collect a parcel waiting for me at the post office…


getting post usually sucks seeing as it’s generally just bills but every now and then there’s a little something awesome waiting for me and today was one of those days


@Nicki_Dadic popped a little something in the post for Fysh and i. totally gave me the warm and fuzzies! love the social media friends i’ve made over the past few years xxx



big thank you’s to Nicki, the words mean a lot and i’m sure Fysh is going uto love a few trips to Filo :)


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